Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 15 & 16!

Ohkay so, Mohabbat Aag Si has been quite an interesting play but let me just say that before I got it for reviewing, I did follow it through but not so vigilantly, so I hope you guys would understand if I miss a few details from the past but I will make sure that I will pay attention to all the remaining episodes just like I did while watching these two episodes this week. I feel that this drama has become a lot more interesting because a lot of twists & turns were introduced. The story now brings its viewers to make speculations & assumptions, which I feel is something that keeps us engaged & makes us look forward to the drama itself.

Saba is someone who is out there to challenge Apa Jaan because the moment she started to read between the lines, she got exposed to such bitter truths that everyone else in her family has remained oblivious of, for so many years. Saba is someone who believes in herself & chooses not to believe what she is being told, that is why just within a span of 3 months, she uncovered such dark secrets about Apa Jaan that she was able to hide from everyone else; even her own brothers who have lived with her all their lives under the same roof. I really must commend the writer for etching out Saba’s character so perfectly because everything that she does lets us know what a confident & self-sufficient girl she is. I absolutely love how Saba has started playing mind games with Apa Jaan using Shareefa. What I like the most about Saba is that she doesn’t put her foot down & continues to do what she makes her mind about, that is why, she didn’t hold back & followed Apa Jaan at such a late hour just in a quest to find out more about her activities.

Saba got to know that Apa Jaan goes to some bungalow nearby but upon questioning she was told that the same bungalow she was inquiring about has remained unoccupied for the last 12 years. Obviously, Saba knew what everyone else didn’t, as she herself witnessed Rukhsana bringing a girl out of that home & taking her somewhere. I am sure there’s a lot more to that story & I totally can’t wait to find out what it’s all about. I think Bee Jee’s (Sajida Syed) character was introduced for the first time in this episode (if I am not mistaken or if I haven’t missed her bit in previous episodes) & it gave us a lot of insight into Rukhsana’s character too. At least, apart from Shareefa, there is Bee Jee who knows everything about Rukhsana & not only that, she keeps a close eye on her as well. Bee Jee is someone who can advice Rukhsana about her life because looks like Rukhsana only listens to her & has confided in her because that is why very casually Bee Jee restated Rukhsana’s secrets in front her. Looks like Bee Jee has helped Rukhsana all these years by guiding her but this time around, she came to warn her about how she should take a step back because Bee Jee can see that Rukhsana is at the brink of losing everything as she got to know that someone has started inquiring about Rukhsana. For now, Bee Jee doesn’t know who it was but going by how Bee Jee saw Rukhsana visiting the bungalow suggested that she must be their neighbor & knows exactly why Rukhsana goes there at such odd hours.

Samia, still guilt & grieve stricken spent some time with her mother to tend to her & Sharafat decided to help his wife too. I really like how Samia & Sharafat’s relation has been developed. They both understand what they are going through & they both know how to consol each other. I really like how when Samia loses her patience, Sharafat always reminds her to hope for the best. I must say, Uzma has done complete justice to the character of Samia & has acted brilliantly throughout. The scene where she cries her heart out while praying & wishing to be blessed with a child was enacted by Uzma flawlessly. She has made Samia’s struggle look absolutely convincing. Finally, Samia & Sharafat’s wait is over & they got the news they were waiting for. The following conversation regarding the baby & how eagerly Samia waited for this day was very sweet too. I know Samia is very naïve but I don’t find it unrealistic. It is totally understandable that Samia is a very simple girl who has no issues trusting others, that is why her trust in Apa Jaan is very strong because of which, she didn’t pay heed to what Saba has been telling her because for her, all this is too difficult to even comprehend & imagine that a pious person like Apa Jaan can deceive her own family.

Looks like things have started to shape up in Wajahat’s life too. He has finally landed a good job & Saba has decided to do things her way. She has started to spend some more time with her husband than Apa Jaan has allowed both of them because right now Saba knows something that Apa Jaan doesn’t, which gives Saba the confidence to face Apa Jaan & not take her seriously because she knows that Rukhsana isn’t capable of doing what her husband Wajahat thinks of his sister & she now is most certain that all the things Rukhsana said to her about Wajahat’s life being in danger were nothing but a lie.

We were introduced a little to the psychological issues that Rukhsana must be suffering from. She sees what others can’t see & she is so indulged in her day-dreaming that she still feels connected to things that have become a part of the past now. Rukhsana cooks for her special someone, talks to him, gets dressed for him but sadly, he is nowhere to be seen. Going by what Bee Jee talked about, it looks like Rukhsana was once happy with someone but he isn’t a part of her life anymore & Rukhsana clearly needs to let go of the past but she is holding onto his memory & she is living two lives. Bee Jee believes that this would be the reason because of which she will end up ruining herself & everything in her life. As much as I am interested to see what transpired in Rukhsana’s life to bring her to this point where her mind doesn’t seem to be in its right place, at least this much has been made clear that she can’t see anyone leading a happy life because just when Wajahat told her about his new job, all she could see was the eye contact he made with her, giving her an impression that he has become a little too independent for her liking. Also, the moment she heard about Samia’s pregnancy, all she did was cry her eyes out because she fears she would lose control over her brother & he would get busy in his own little world. Rukhsana clearly is a control freak & she wants things happening her way but too bad, her time is soon going to be over because she herself doesn’t know how hard Saba is working to discover her dirty little secret.

So, this is what Mohabbat Aag Si was all about this week. I must say, I really like how each & every actor has given a perfect face to the character that has been assigned to them. Iffat Omar is phenomenal as Rukhsana; where she makes us hate her character, she also makes us sympathetic towards her because she has gone through a lot too, which obviously doesn’t justify how she has been ruining her brothers’ lives, but I still feel she has been a victim of circumstances too. I think after a very long time I am getting to see Iffat Omar’s performance & she has been very promising. Sarah Khan looks pretty as always & I love how she intimidates Shareefa. I love Faiza Gillani’s bits too; she makes her scenes a treat to watch. Uzma has been very convincing as Samia & I love everything about her character. I enjoyed the dialogues & conversations in these episodes but the ones that made me giggle were ‘Allah besabron ko sabr atta kar’ & also ‘Apa Jaan shukranay ke nafal adda kar rahi hongi’, haha!!! All of a sudden I feel the story has taken a very interesting turn & the thing I enjoy the most about this play is how each & every track has one thing or the other to offer us & also how all the characters seems equally important where you nowhere feel that they could’ve subtracted a character or its story, they all somehow complete the whole family picture & I love how there are so many stories evolving under one roof. I can’t wait to find out what more do they have in store for us. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si & let us know how much you enjoyed watching them? :)

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