Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, not sure why but this week only one episode of Mohabbat Aag Si was aired. I really hope that we get to see this drama twice a week because if HUM TV would broadcast it once, I am sure it will take away the charm & would drag things a lot. It is better off when we get 2 episodes per week because it keeps things interesting & happening.

Sadly, now when Samia’s off Apa Ji’s target & she can’t seem to do much about Samia’s condition, Apa Ji has directed her attention at Saba. Apa Ji is trying hard to deter Saba from becoming a mother too because now when Samia has dodged the bullet, Apa Ji doesn’t want Saba to have that glory because she feels her power & position will be shaken in her household. Apa Ji has a strong urge to control things around her that is why even now when Samia is expecting a baby; Apa Ji is trying to come up with something that will make Samia lost it. It is really hard to understand that a person who ‘acts’ to be so God fearing can actually have no fear of God. I really don’t understand what is it that has stopped Apa Ji from being humane because the things she preaches really don’t have any effect on her, making her a perfect embodiment of hypocrisy.

Saba actually understands that something’s definitely wrong with Apa Ji, that is why she is suspicious of everything she says & does. I think it was very clever of Saba to send the juice for lab test because this shows she has started to understand the lengths Apa Ji can go to in order to achieve what she wants. On the other hand, it was good to see Saba & Wajahat working on their marriage & trying to strengthen their relationship.

The flashback showed that Apa Ji herself fell pregnant once in her life but she was seen quite worried after she found out about it. I am sure Apa Ji must’ve landed herself in a deep trouble that is why the news of her baby didn’t bring happiness to her & now she is after every single married woman in her home. I think Apa Ji doesn’t want Samia or Saba to have a baby because for the rest of her life, she can’t live with the reminder of what’s missing from her own life.

I really thought after the news of Samia’s pregnancy, Sharafat will do things that would benefit his wife the most but it was sad to see him not depending on doctors & going by what Apa Ji tells him to do. Yes, as much as I do understand his simple nature, I really think it is immature of him to think that Apa Ji has all the solutions to Samia’s problems. Yes, Sharafat can really believe that Apa Ji has some spirituality to her but he can’t be so absent minded to mistake her spirituality with the knowledge of a doctor. I think if Sharafat keeps this up, he will lose their baby because this is exactly what Apa Ji wants but only for Samia’s sake, I hope Saba proves her point quickly because that would save a lot of lives especially the life of a baby that Samia has wished & waited for so long.

The way Apa Ji tried to involve Dai Sughra in all this matter was quite shocking too. I really wish Shareefa tells about it to Saba so that Saba can save the day. As much as I dislike Apa Ji for her hypocrisy, there’s something about her that makes me believe she herself has been a victim & that is why she has turned so negative & bitter that she can’t control it now. I think the life Apa Ji got was completely opposite to how she imagined it to be & that is why she can’t stand seeing anyone else happy too. No matter how strong she tries to portray herself but the way she often cries remembering the old times tells that there’s something broken inside her that she hasn’t been able to fix till date but having said that, I still think all that she has ever said & did is unforgivable because if her own life is miserable, it gives Apa Ji no right to destroy the lives of her brothers & their wives, also Apa Ji has no right to play with the feelings of so many people by fooling them into believing she is something which she is not.

I really wished they had showed 2nd episode this week too because the promo seemed quite interesting & made me look forward to it but too bad. I really hope they get back to their schedule next week & we get a lot more content to talk about. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mohabbat Aag Si.

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