Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 18 & 19!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si were very interesting as they took the story forward seamlessly & gave an insight into what transpired in the past perfectly too. I really like director’s approach here because the way he has tackled the details of the past & merged them with the happenings of the present makes this drama very engaging & forces us to look forward to the upcoming episodes.

The way the story’s being told, I am sure by the end of the drama Rukhsana would be turned into a victim too but I still feel everything that she has done & all the things she is doing have brought her past the stage where she would be forgiven for how she has ruined the lives of so many people. Yes, I do sympathize with her for the fact that she didn’t get married to her first love but then, she seriously has some psychological issues which deterred her from moving on & she locked herself in that very moment where she made it impossible for herself to recover from a heart-break, which by the way, ain’t that big of a deal. I really am interested to see what events turned a day dreamer; a young girl like Ruksana into a villain because as far as we know about her, she was just a girl-next-door whose only motive in life was to get married to the guy she loved but the flashbacks do tell us a story of how she landed herself in deep trouble but I wonder instead of becoming humble & regretful, what made Rukhsana so arrogant that she started playing with people’s lives?

Rukhsana’s Arshad has once again entered her life & the way Rukhsana lost control of herself let us know that she still is very much in love with Arshad & hasn’t not grown out of that connection she once had with him. The day dreamer in Rukhsana is still alive because the way she speaks to her love on the phone, the way she adorns herself & the way she converses with him over a meal showed that it was Arshad who she used to think about because it is pretty clear that Arshad was the one & only person that she has ever loved & she never allowed anyone else to enter her life. Bee Jee is aware of every little detail of Arshad & Rukhsana’s lives that is why she dreaded seeing Rukhsana approaching Arshad so fearlessly. Bee Jee already dreads that Rukhsana will create a whole set of difficulty for herself but Rukhsana doesn’t want to think rationally when it comes to Arshad.

It was interesting to see that as much as Rukhsana loves Arshad, he loves her till date too. He referred to Fareeda as just a wife which was pretty self explanatory that his marital life isn’t as perfect as it may seem. Going by the opinions Arshad’s mother had of Rukhsana, it is obvious that Fareeda was Arshad’s mother choice & he had no say in choosing his life partner because his mother had very high standards & unfortunately Rukhsana didn’t fit the bill perfectly. Another thing that unraveled in this episode was about the girl that Rukhsana met the other day when Saba followed her around; Sidra. Even though initially it was hinted that Sidra isn’t Rukhsana’s daughter, the things she added later on made it a bit fuzzier & it still can’t be said with surety that Sidra isn’t Rukhsana’s biological daughter. The way she decided to let go of Sidra that too at the moment when Arshad showed up shows that Rukhsana needs & wants something as a reminiscence of the past because when Arshad wasn’t around, she was holding onto Sidra & using her to keep her mind diverted but now when she saw her first love, she easily walked out of her fixation with that young child. I am sure Sidra is one of the deepest darkest secrets that are buried in Rukhsana’s heart.

Coming towards Saba’s front, she actually caught me off guard when she spoke to Rukhsana like she was a nobody but then I think she actually underestimated Rukhsana’s prowess of creating lies out of thin-air. The way Ruksana dealt with the whole situation & got herself a chance to blackmail Saba showed that she is one good player & she won’t be easily defeated. It takes a lot of present-mindedness to turn the whole situation around because the secret that Saba picked wasn’t nominal & it was enough to shake the ground for Rukhsana but the way she didn’t even stutter showed that she is very inhumane & has no heart actually because where she should have at least lowered her eyes, she stood still with her head held high claiming that she did nothing wrong!

Even though I really really like Samia’ character, I still find it a teensy bit odd that she has been living in this house for so many years, yet she can’t sense something suspicious about the way Rukhsana behaves. Samia was herself told by Rukhsana that she shouldn’t inform Saba about the room-swap so why couldn’t she put two & two together when Saba was presented in front of everyone? Rukhsana told Sharafat that Saba knew about it but later she herself testified in front of everyone that Saba was unaware of it, so why couldn’t Samia just point it out even before Rukhsana’s announcement? That I am sure would’ve jazzed things up a bit.

I actually feel bad for Shareefa. She is underestimating herself because she thinks her Arshad is way out of her league but the truth is opposite. Arshad ain’t a saint himself because the way he has Rukhsana’s number on his speed-dial shows that he might create some havoc in her life as he already has a faintest idea of what Rukhsana’s upto. Looks like Shareefa’s Arshad will be introduced to Saba in the upcoming episode & I am interested to see what part he has to play in the remaining episodes.

Without a doubt, Iffat Omar has done a phenomenal job in this drama & everyone else has supported the main character perfectly. The new twists & turns have made this drama a treat to watch & I am eagerly waiting to find out more about Rukhsana’s past. For now even though it may seem quite typical that Arshad’s mother didn’t let him get married to Rukhsana, I am sure there are a lot of interesting details that have yet to be unveiled. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si.

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