Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 22 & 23!

This drama has become a lot more interesting & I think it is very intelligently directed because all the cards are being revealed properly & just at the right time. I think Mohabbat Aag Si has the potential of keeping the viewers engaged till the end if they keep up with the element of mystery & give away the details when needed.

Looks like Arshad Junior also has some ulterior motives, that is why he decided to help Saba in her plan of exposing Apa Ji. Arshad Jr. is playing his cards well because he knows Sharifa is the most important person in Rukhsana’s life & if he can stay closer to her, he can get an easy access into Apa Ji’s life. I must say the actor who is playing the role of Arshad Jr. has done a commendable job. The way he changes his tone & expressions while speaking to different people really tells what a complicated person he is & the actor has done full justice to his character. I think it was wise of Saba to depend on Arshad Jr. because where she is eager to prove herself right, she has no other option left than to rely on him. Arshad Jr’s call to Rukhsana told how once Rukhsana even made a pass at him just because of his name & now when the real Arshad has returned, she is trying to avoid Arshad Jr. also because he knows about her secret & also because she doesn’t want Sharifa to find out about her intentions related to him Arshad Jr.

The conversation Saba’s father had with Wajahat was done nicely. Very subtly he told him the difference between having a right perspective & following someone blindly to a fault. I am sure this is what convinced Wajahat to have a thought about what he has done & that is why he went to meet Arshad Senior. Even though Arshad Sr. didn’t give him a clear answer but quite intelligently he tried to clear off Saba’s name as he genuinely felt bad for her. I really thought after all that he has witnessed, Arshad Sr. will part ways with Rukhsana because she is hopeless but the things he said to Bee Ji about her told that he still falls weak in front of her because he is guilty of abandoning her 12 years ago. Even though he can see that she is not the same person anymore he still thinks there’s some hope for her. I really thought he was intelligent enough but the way he confessed his love to her once again after going through her letters showed that he really wants to be with her because once again, it’s the guilt that is tearing him apart as he blames himself for wronging Rukhsana & bringing her to this point in life where she is wrecking people’s lives & has become so bitter & negative.

I really don’t get Sharafat & his idea of protecting his baby. I don’t think it takes a lot of intelligence for a normal man to know that whenever his wife is feeling sick, he should take her to the hospital. The whole tantrum that he threw at Samia for going to the hospital was cringe worthy. I think it would either be a miracle if his child would be born or he will learn it the hard way after losing his baby but honestly, to see so much stupidity from a person who got this happiness after quite a while is unrealistic. Right now, Sharafat’s main focus should be on Samia; his pregnant wife & his unborn but he thinks it a high time he should let her know what his ego means to him, which is bizarre.

I think deep down Samia has also started believing in what Saba has been telling her about Sharifa & Apa Ji, that is why she thought it was best for her to be at her mother’s home where she won’t be forced to eat & drink the things she doesn’t want to. Going by the rigidity that Sharafat shows, I am sure it would take a lot to convince him that Apa Ji isn’t such a saint that he thinks she is. Wajahat obviously is feeling bad for Saba but then I guess it serves him right that she is ignoring him, I am sure it will force him to take some desperate measures & probe about the whole situation on his own.

Overall, the drama is going strong & the actors have made it a treat to watch because all of them fit well in their characters seamlessly. Iffat Omar has done a wonderful job & so has everyone else especially the actor playing the character of Arshad Junior. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Please share your thoughts about Mohabbat Aag Si.

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