Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 31!

Ohkay so, finally the drama’s about to end & so is the story. I love the way they are heading towards the completion because like they have given coverage to each & every aspect of everyone’s life, they are now doing the same thing as far as the ending is concerned. I must say, this episode made me emotional because finally the moment we all were waiting for was revealed this time.

Wali took the bullet to save Faarah & what more proof would Ruhina want to know & understand that Wali is the perfect man for her daughter? I really am so glad that it was Wali who convinced Ruhina & that too unconsciously. He only did what he was bound to do & that was to save Faarah by any means necessary & just a day with him was enough for Ruhina to know that this guy loves her daughter a lot & would protect & cherish her for the rest of his life. I loved seeing how each & everything that Behroz said to Ruhina about Wali was echoing in her mind & it was like Wali was proving himself & his Bare Baba right, but what made it even more special was that Wali was just being himself, he was oblivious of the fact that Ruhina was reading between the lines & was getting convinced because she was seeing all the words of Behroz turning into a reality in front of her eyes. I loved how gently Wali treated Ruhina & Faarah because that’s what he has been taught to do & he didn’t have to pretend at all to show that he is a good person because he actually is.

Finally, Faarah & Wali both brought Ruhina to Haveli & she agreed because she had nowhere to go. The journey of Ruhina’s self-realization began the moment Moeez shattered her trust & she found herself guilty for not having enough insight & wisdom to judge people rightly. She always hated Behroz’s family & now when she landed in trouble; it was Wali who helped her out. Ruhina obviously didn’t want to face Agha Jaan but she decided she should because Faarah convinced her & told her to snap out of the past. I am glad that Ruhina admitted all her mistakes & apologized but the thing that struck a chord was her confession of how she only came here because she was wronged by her brother & if it wasn’t for that, she would have never come. I must commend the writer for making this aspect a part of their conversation because till that moment, Ruhina’s apology held no weight in my opinion but the moment she came clean about how selfish she was & how she didn’t deserve all the acceptance & warm welcome from Agha Jaan, made me forgive her too. I am glad that after all she has said & done, she had the courage to accept that she came here because she needed to & because she was helpless. Ruhina for the first time gave credit to Faarah & acknowledged her efforts of forcing her to do the right thing & it was good to see that as well.

I loved how easily & how effortlessly Agha Jaan forgave Ruhina. He showed her that its ohkay to make mistakes because by the end of the day, a family is all about walking past the hardships & embracing the future together. Agha Jaan made Ruhina understand that she was entitled to have her opinions & she was entitled to hold onto what she felt was right too & that doesn’t make her a bad person. Like Agha Jaan always said, love conquers all & I am so glad he was there to witness another such moment in his life too.

Honestly, I do feel for Arjumand too but I think she has no other option left as well to move on & get rid of the grudge she holds against Ruhina because Ruhina herself is a living example of how time & circumstances change & force people to change along as well. It was the same Ruhina who vowed that she will never ever step a foot in this Haveli & now she was there with an overbearing guilt that let her know how helpless she was. Arjumand also knows that Wali has always loved Faarah so for his sake she knows she will have to tolerate Faarah for the rest of her life considering she has no idea about the deal that still exists between them. I do understand that Arjumand has gone through a lot because of Ruhina & she is protective of her son Wali because he is the most important person in her life after Suhaib, that is why she doesn’t want him to go through any difficulty because of her again but I am sure Ruhina’s heartfelt apology will make her come to terms with the fact that she & Faarah are just as much a part of the family as she & her children are.

Overall, this episode was very emotional & I am so glad that finally Agha Jaan got to see his whole family under his roof. Sadly, Behroz & Suhaib didn’t live to see this day but their families can continue the tradition of loving & respecting each other, exactly how Agha Jaan taught them to so that too. Finally, Moeez has reached the place where he deserves to be the most & I am glad their part is done with. I really felt bad when Wali referred to Faarah as Taya Abbu ki Beti. I think he really needs to read between the lines & understand that Faarah is in love with him too. Wali should break the ice & confess his love to Faarah so that we can get to see some great moments that they’ll share. As always, this episode was filled with phenomenal performances too & Sanam Saeed played her part well because I actually teared up during her & Agha Jaan’s conversations. Please share your beautiful thoughts about this beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil. :)

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