Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 24 & 25!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si were interesting but what I liked the most about this week’s show is that the story is being tackledvery intelligently because they have now started to establish the grounds for the ending because the way things are going wrong for Rukhsana tell us what’s about to come.

I think Sharafat should be grateful for being lucky because the way he tackled his wife’s pregnancy showed that they both could lose their baby anytime & honestly, to see their child surviving through came as a surprise to me. Sharafat made it very clear that despite being simple, he is mentally slow as well because he could choose to see his wife in pain but he couldn’t come up with a simple solution & that was to take her to the hospital. I think the change in Samia’s behavior hint a little that she has started to doubt Sharifa & Rukhsana & I think it’s a high time she should buckle up because now she has to take care of her son & herself all alone because Sharafat is too Shareef to see the wrongdoings of his Apa Ji. I think Samia needs a little convincing because when she herself will start to believe everything that Saba tells her, she will somehow knock some sense into Sharafat too.

Even though there was a massive glitch in the time lapse shown in these episodes, I am glad that Wajahat put two & two together & mend ways with Saba. When Saba left, Samia was just in the initial stages of her pregnancy but now when she came back, or rather even before she came back, Samia had given birth to her baby. I don’t think it took Wajahat months to understand what was happening because they made it seem like one day he found about Rukhsana & the next day he brought Saba home, but nevertheless, I am glad he did admit that he was at fault & worked ways out with his wife. I think Rukhsana should understand that things aren’t happening her way anymore because she herself is committing so many mistakes & unconsciously exposing herself. What I really find evil about her is that she fails to understand that she is ruining everyone’s life. Rukhsana still doesn’t see herself as the culprit & thinks she is right in her own accord. Rukhsana’s biggest mistake is that she thinks she can control her brothers & their wives for the rest of her life but she must know that she got lucky with Samia but Saba is logical & inquisitive, therefore she wouldn’t allow Rukhsana to rule her & her husband Wajahat so easily.

I don’t really understand Arshad Sr. to be honest. Yes, he still loves Rukhsana but I think he himself can see that she has changed completely & has become quite a difficult & bitter person but still he chooses to ignore Fareeda & thinks he can have a life with Rukhsana. I don’t really understand what he wants when he refers to Fareeda as Dusri Aurat & Rukhsana as Pehli Aurat/Mohabbat. When the time was right, Arshad Sr. couldn’t take a stand for his love so he should leave things the way they are. It was totally unpleasant to see Rukhsana hearing Fareeda’s side of the story where she tried to tell how hurt she was when her husband admitted about being involved with someone else. I found it disgusting that even though Rukhsana could see what Fareeda was going through, she extracted the satisfaction out of her misery just because she got to know that Arshad Sr. admitted in front of his wife that he was seeing someone (Rukhsana), which, to her came as an acknowledgment of their relationship.

I must say the best acting bits came from Faiza Gillani & Imran Ashraf this week. Their individual & combined tracks are the most interesting parts of the current scenario. I really felt for Sharifa when she recalled everything that she has done for Rukhsana. Indeed, she was a true friend & a confidant to her because she never once questioned Rukhsana & did everything that she asked her to do. I actually doubt that Rukhsana sent Sharifa off for her own benefit because right now, Rukhsana is in that state of mind where she only puts herself as a priority & that is why I don’t think she actually feels a thing for Sharifa. Honestly, all this while I felt that Arshad Jr. was never serious about Sharifa but when he got to hear what she has gone through, he felt he could relate to her & understand her even more & this is exactly what made him change his mind. I don’t think he is in love with her but yes he surely has a soft corner for her which might turn into love anytime soon. I like Arshad Jr’s. character too because all the things he said to his mother made him look like any other real person who does everything to provide for his family because he knows that’s what is being expected of him.

Overall, these two episodes were good to watch. The way Rukhsana played a game so that she could escape from the hospital to meet Arshad Sr. goes to show how much she takes her family for granted & how easily she insults their intelligence but I guess she used to get away with everything she did because no one was there to question her in the past but right now both Wajahat & Saba are keeping their eyes open & Rukhsana won’t be able to protect her secret for long now. I am eagerly looking forward to the confrontation between Samia & Rukhsana, I so want to see what pushed Samia to that limit where she resorted to that level of fury in dealing with Rukhsana. All the actors have done a brilliant job in giving life to these characters & I must commend the writer for giving them very real personalities because of which we all can understand & relate to them effortlessly. Please share your thoughts about Mohabbat Aag Si.

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