Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 32! <3

Awwwwwwww!!! This episode ended at such a sweet note & it just lifted my mood because the initial part of the episode was a bit serious but I loved the way it ended because that’s exactly what we all have been waiting for & not to forget – eagerly.

I know it might come as a shock but in my opinion Ruhina has redeemed herself & she is earning more points with each passing episode, not only because she has realized her mistakes but also because she is trying to do everything to make things right. Ruhina knows that she has hated such nice people for such a long time & it’s about time that she should forgive & move on because things have changed, all these people have changed & her circumstances have changed too. I really think it is very intelligent of her to understand that all the things she has said & done are now having an effect on Faara’s life. Yes, she loves Faarah & wants the best for her that is why she is ready to go to any length to provide the happiness that her daughter deserves.

I think it was very sweet of Agha Jaan to think about handing over the property to Ruhina, that way he wanted to assure her that she was a part of the family & she belonged there too. Agha Jaan knows that he couldn’t do anything for Behroz while he was alive, that is why without wasting any time, he wanted to get done with the property distribution. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation Agha Jaan & Ruhina had about Tajjamul & Co. It was another realization that dawned upon Ruhina that she never had enough farsightednesses to see through his brother & his son. Ruhina was taken aback by the mention of Wali not trusting Moeez ever because she never could imagine that at such a tender age, Wali could be intuitive as well. I think on his own, Tajjamul did the right thing by apologizing to Ruhina because he indeed shattered her trust & hurt her deeply. He is the one who taught such deceptiveness to his son & now he was ready to face the consequences because he knows that it will be a long time for Ruhina to be able to trust her brother again. All the things Moeez said to Tajjamul made him realize that he never had a good influence on his son & both the husband & wife were guilty of setting such an example for their only son, but I am glad their episode is over & Ruhina is done with them.

I think I have said this so many times & for the right too that I never took Arjumand seriously because I knew she will bring herself to the point where she will accept Faarah easily but the way she convinced herself made me respect her even more. I am glad that Ruhina broke the ice & apologized for all the pain she & Behroz have caused to her. Ruhina does understand that it must have been hard on Arjumand to accept someone else as her husband whereas she had loved Behroz all her life before that. I felt that after Ruhina’s confessions, Arjumand could see herself in Faarah & then the reminder of Behroz sealed the deal because of which he decided to let go of the grudge she was holding against Faarah because of Ruhina & Behroz. Even though Arjumand didn’t give words to those feelings but I feel Faarah must’ve reminded Arjumand of herself when she first got married to Suhaib. It took her a long time to bring herself to the point where she could accept Suhaib as her husband & this is exactly what Faarah was going through. All the harsh reactions & all the unreasonable demands that Faarah put forth were a result of the brain feeding that she used to get & somehow Arjumand understood that Faarah never meant the things she said & she was under her mother’s influence. I think it was very sweet of Arjumand to shed the burden off Wali’s shoulders because he wasn’t openly admitting that he wanted to be with Faarah due to Arjumand’s reservations but just her approval was enough to bring a big smile on his face as he felt relieved. It was such a pleasant surprise to see Arjumand repeating all those words about Faarah that Wali used to say about her in front of Zarmeenay & Arjumand. Wali always knew & strongly believed that Faarah wasn’t at fault & it was Ruhina who forced her to do things that would please her, so now, to hear Arjumand say that about Faarah made it all seem very special. I honestly have immense respect for Arjumand’s character not only because she sacrificed everything for others, but also because she took care of everyone’s feelings & did what benefited everyone. Arjumand knows that Wali & Faarah’s marriage will bring happiness to everyone & most importantly, it will make her only son Wali happy, that is why she felt no shame in admitting that Faarah has changed a lot & she is the girl that would complement her son perfectly.

I swear, this guy named Wali Suhaib Khan deserves some punches because we all are waiting for some magical Farah Wali moments & he is in a mood to tease his wife Faarah Behroz Khan. Like seriously, you still want her to cry some more!!! Not cool Wali!!! I just cannot wait to see the confession that will bring both Faarah & Wali close to each other & let me just say, it better be good because we have waited for so many weeks for this particular moment so I am not expecting anything less than magical. But yes, jokes apart, I think Faarah really needs to muster up the courage, look into his eyes & tell her husband that she wants to be with him because she loves him & not because her Grandfather, her Uncle, her Aunt, her Father & her Mother want her to be with him. Wali is right because he surely has a right to experience that moment of glory when his wife will tell him that she loves him. :) The preview of the next & sadly the last episode was so exciting, they did give away something without giving away too much but I really think they should have extended the drama till 35 episodes to give proper coverage to Faarah & Wali’s relation because I really don’t think we’ll have enough of them in just 1 & that too the very last episode & oh yes, the mention of the word ‘last’ is making me sad already. :/ Please share your beautiful thoughts about this beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil. :)

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