Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 30 & 31!

Ohkay so, these two episodes this week were kind of slow & nothing much happened which brings me to the point that its a high time they should start wrapping the story up & should end the drama in probably next two weeks because I think that’s going to be more than enough. They have pretty much revealed everything but the only thing that’s left to unravel is karma’s turn against Rukhsana so I guess its about time that should happen as well.

Seems like finally Sharafat got to know that everything that Samia & Saba ever said about his beloved Apa Ji was nothing but the truth because he got enough evidence that told him the story of Apa Ji’s piety & truthfulness. It obviously didn’t take too long for Sharafat to understand that Apa Ji has definitely deceived him & everyone in the family but he couldn’t really understand her motive behind all the wrongdoing that is why he ended up meeting an accident as he was too lost in his own thoughts & hurt by the sense of betrayal. I guess that was the highlight of the whole episode for me when Sharafat told Apa Ji off very subtly because it was a high time he should have done that. Somehow I have always liked Samia & Sharafat’s relationship, they both have been through tough times together, were always were there for each other so the only thing that was missing was Sharafat’s sensibility so now to see him gaining it back made his & Samia’s equation perfect. All of a sudden Samia found a new confidence because she knew that Sharafat was on her side & now there’s nothing that Apa Ji would say will have an affect on him.

Honestly speaking, I really have no idea why do the writers make the mothers either too naive or too annoying in our dramas. On one hand Samia’s mother is too naive but that’s ohkay because she doesn’t contribute much in the story anyways but Saba’s mother is not only annoying but irritating as well. She just doesn’t know how to mind her own business & honestly, I am glad that Wajahat moved out of her house because that means we wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore. Yes, I will give it to her that she says all that because she’s concerned for her daughter but there’s a way to put things across but she doesn’t have a basic sense which makes her sound very harsh & bitter. Anyways, to see her becoming a wall between Wajahat & Saba wasn’t too appeasing but I am glad that part is over now & they are back at Wajahat’s place & are celebrating because they have a baby on the way.

I really feel bad for Fareeda because she doesn’t know what’s brewing in Rukhsana’s mind. I really don’t understand what is it in Rukhsana that doesn’t allow her to be nice to people who’re nice to her. She is always looking for some trouble but then that is because her planning has never gone wrong & she has only benefited from it but I so wish her luck would stop favoring her. I also don’t understand Arshad as well, I guess he loves her way too much & is way too guilty to confront her for all the things that are wrong about her. He comes across as a bit too spineless at the moment because he clearly is failing to maintain a balance between Fareeda & Rukhsana, which I hope will change but for now, I really don’t understand what is stopping him to take a stand. Arshad himself witnessed the hissy fit Rukhsana threw when she got insulted by Samia, so any sane person would understand that the things Rukhsana said weren’t normal at all & that brings me to a point that Arshad should stop taking things lightly & keep an eye on what’s Rukhsana’s upto because she can harm anyone; including him!

I really don’t think introducing a new character at this stage was a good idea. Mahnoor has made an entry & looks like Rukhsana is trying to turn her into another Sharifa whom she would sweet-talk into doing things that would only benefit her. I really hope that before anything happens, Mahnoor backs out or reveals Rukhsana’s secrets because almost all the aspects have been covered & everyone has had a fresh start, leaving Rukhsana to pay the price for everything that she has done. I don’t think being estranged from her brothers or being insulted by Samia is enough of a punishment for her. Let’s hope they wrap the story up quickly & give us a satisfactory ending without dragging it any further. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si.

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