Mohabbat Aag Si – Episodes 36 & 37!

Ohkay so, finally we got the glimmer of hope that this drama is going to end next week & for that I am relieved & ecstatic. They have stretched it enough & it’s a high time they should end it now. The way things progressed in tonight’s episode made me think that this’d be the last episode but nope, they decided to push it a little further but now that I know it’s going to end, I am fine with it!

Seriously, I don’t want to sound harsh but I thought Sharafat got handicapped physically but he proved that he wasn’t only physically handicapped but mentally too just because he chose to believe everything that Apa Ji said yet again & started doubting Samia. I mean after all that this woman has done, this is how Sharafat decided to pay her back for her loyalty, her sincerity & her patience with such a burden of a husband like him! I mean why do they show that it is so easy to plant a seed of doubt in a husband’s mind against his wife? After all that Sharafat went through & all the things Samia did for him, the last person he should’ve believed should have been Apa Ji because he also knows what Rukhsana is capable of! I actually was taken by surprise when he defended his wife in front of Rukhsana but then, it lasted for a second & the very next moment, he lost his sanity & sensibility. Why was it so easy for Sharafat to judge Samia because she stepped out of the house to make the ends meet? Not that I hold a high opinion about all the men in this drama but Sharafat lost the tad bit of respect I had for him for having a good relation with his wife before his accident.

I guess Saba asked Wajahat to prove his innocence but did he do anything? I am asking because I never saw him moving a muscle or worrying sick about how he should mend the situation? All he did was sit in his comfortable office chair & shed a few glycerin-filled tears? I guess he got a bit too comfortable in his state of self-pity that he decided to prolong it & not bother about the things his wife had asked him to do. Honestly speaking, it is hard for me to figure out who’s more useless when it comes to using the thing known as a ‘brain’; Sharafat or Wajahat? I actually had added Arshad’s name in the list too but he redeemed himself in tonight’s episode because he wasn’t actually that clue, brain & spine-less!

Just like Rukhsana has no purpose in her life, I honestly felt that this drama has no purpose left whatsoever as well but I am glad that they wrapped things up & now the only thing’s that’s left to see is Rukhsana’s end. The amount of screaming Rukhsana has done in these couple of episodes has actually deafened me to some extent. Even though I knew what had transpired between Rukhsana & Arshad 12 years ago, but to hear it out loud actually left me disgusted & made me feel that Fareeda should leave Arshad after finding the truth about the level of his love affair with Rukhsana, but before she could’ve taken any decision she got the news she was waiting for & yes, she fell pregnant which was too predictable because something of this level was definitely needed to wake & shake Arshad up, otherwise he also got a little too comfortable with the multiple marriage situation.

Even though this drama deviated from the main topic & things became ugly, but the only thing I found sensible enough was Arshad’s decision of taking Rukhsana to a psychiatrist. I think we never see that happening in our dramas where a person who actually suffers from some mental issues is made to visit a shrink. Arshad took an initiative in a very good manner because it showed that despite all that Rukhsana has done to him, he actually cared for her & loved her enough to have taken a step to improve her mental condition but Rukhsana failed to see his sincere attempt of helping her & started another drama. What Arshad did was more like a solution to Rukhsana’s problem & an initiative to help her wisely. He did think that may be Rukhsana will feel at ease but she didn’t budge at all. Obviously, later when he found out that he was going to become a father, the puzzle got solved & he understood that Rukhsana was lying to him throughout & she never loved him. All the things Arshad said to her showed that he wasn’t oblivious of what Rukhsana was up-to but he kept on giving her a chance thinking she might stop but what pushed him was the lie that she told him about his medical reports!

Mahnoor couldn’t live with the guilt & she decided to free herself from the house-arrest that Rukhsana put her through. It was good to see that things were going against Rukhsana because I think her time of glory has lasted for too long & now she should pay for all that she has done. Finally Mahnoor was able to see Wajahat & even Saba so it obviously means that things will be fine from now on for both of them. Sharafat managed to get up & walk on his feet but the way that shot was captured made me LOL, there was something hilarious about the way Sharafat ran but chalo, dair aye durust aye!

The preview of the next episode suggested that Wajahat will find Rukhsana in a miserable condition so I am guessing that he’d bring her home but this isn’t exactly how her ending should be where her brothers will forgive her for wrecking their lives time & again. I think showing her miserable with a mazloomana soundtrack in the background isn’t the perfect idea of putting an end to Rukhsana’s story. She deserves something harsh & severe so I hope she’s served what she deserves. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these episodes & let me know how happy you are after finding out that Mohabbat Aag Si is ending next week? :)

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