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Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi- The end

Kya rishta tha tumhara uskay saath? Jo rishta tumharey liye Allah ne aasmaanon pe nahin banaaya, koi zaroorat nahin hai ussey zameen pe banaaney ki… All this time, Fizza and Aazar went along with their betakallufi without worrying about the consequences. Fizza experienced first hand that staying alone without a wali made people suspicious of her and they were judging her day in and day out. Fizza never took the time to try and resolve her issues- instead she always acted before thinking things through. Aazar and Arham’s relationship grew even more stressful when Aazar disclosed Arham’s medical reports. At the same time, the news of Fizza’s pregnancy gave way to some doubts in Aazar’s mind because he was sure his brother wasn’t capable of becoming a father. What a big difference a little mistake can make! Aazar’s carelessness over the reports (he picked up the wrong reports) added fuel to the fire and caused Arham to doubt his intentions.

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Aazar finally took the stand to bring Urooj back home in the hope that it would lay Arham’s doubts to rest. Seeing Urooj support him unconditionally made him realize his shortcomings and he worked on improving his marriage. Hum mashriqi logon ka yehi almiya hai…khaandaan mein ek shaqs ko bahar bhijwaatey hain… aur baqi sara khaandaan uskay paison pe aish karta hai… hamaari farmaishon ki lambi list unki jawaani ko nigal laiti hai… Aazar decided to become independent and take responsibility for himself and his family. He felt they had exploited Arham, albeit subconsciously and deprived him of his chance at happiness.

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Uzma, the fasaad ki jarh finally got a much needed reality check- Bhawajo ki taraf ghaur-o-fikar karna chorrdoh…. It was Uzma who started spinning one story after another until everyone started assuming that whatever she was saying was true. The nand- bhawajj equation was shown very realistically. How many times have we seen things blown out of proportion due to such petty misunderstandings?

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Aazar admitted they were both as much to blame for the situation than anyone else- Hum nadaani mein itney betakalluf hogaye ke dosro ki nazron mein khatakney lagey…Har who cheez jo limit se bar jaye aise hi problems create kerti hai… Fizza learnt one of the most valuable life lessons through her experiences- Mujhe pehli baar ehsaas horaha hai ke larkiyon ko kitney mohtaat tareeqay se zindagi guzaarni parti hai… unkey bewaqoofi mein uthaye huey qadam unhey zillaton ke gehraiyoun me giraa sakti hai…

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The story kept me thoroughly engaged- it helped that it aired twice every week but despite that, the pace was perfect and maintained my interest. Every episode had something new to look forward to. In retrospect, there were so many life lessons that this simple gharelu story managed to convey in a span of 17 episodes. Everything had a logical conclusion- Arham apologized profusely for his mistake; Aazar realized he was at fault and rectified his actions; Urooj learnt that patience is a virtue and she got her life back on track; Fizza realized that her life was always beautiful and it took such extreme circumstances for her to appreciate all that she had. I really liked the inclusion of Ashar- very rarely do we come across such a genuinely, selfless friend who took the time to try and reconcile the differences in Arham’s life. The ending was just perfect in every way. This should serve as a reminder to Hum TV and other channels that sometimes it’s the simplest of stories that manage to click with the audience. What started as a drama I started watching merely out of a lack of viewing options, turned into one that I looked forward to week after week. This was not a big budget affair- no foreign locations, no big names associated to the project, yet it delivered exactly what it should. The actors deserve to be applauded for their performance- Armeena suited this role perfectly- it was almost as if this role was written with her in mind. Jibran played his part well. Ali Rehman was thoroughly entertaining and I liked how he took charge of his life. Laila Zuberi is always a pleasure to watch- I especially loved how she wore matching shawls with her outfits. What did you think about the ending?

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Yours in watching,

Kanwal Murtaza