Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai Episode 7 Review – Much Better Than Last Week

Those family ties which were a major attraction in the first few episodes were absent from the previous two episodes and the focus was entirely on Maheen, Gulrez and Waqar alone. Tonight too although there was a lot of focus on these three but this episode also had scenes in which the family was shown spending time together and doing something other than discussing why Maheen hated Waqar so much and whether she will agree to Gulrez’s proposal or not. The scene in which the family was shown playing cricket was particularly interesting. Gulrez’s batting, Waqar practicing hours before the match started and most importantly ami begum’s role throughout was very amusing. Also, most of the scenes in tonight’s episode were more in line with the overall story and unlike the previous episode there weren’t a lot of filler scenes in this one.

Jia and Maheen’s friendship and Jia’s character and track in particular has to be the most annoying part of this drama. The marjaniye dialogues are weird to say the least and the fact that Jia claims to be Maheen’s best friend but at the same time puts a guy she just met before her makes her character unappealing. Her character is like one of those desperate girls we see in dramas all the time who fall in love with a man instantly and will do anything to make them their own. She is a modern version of the character played by Yumna Zaidi in Zara Yaad Kar. So, there was no particular reason why the episode ended with Jia’s father looking at Maheen like that! Basically the important aspect was Maheen walking out of the party but the camera froze on Jia’s dad, I don’t understand the logic behind it at all! Jia’s father’s track is being revealed gradually, I hope there is a good reason why this track is getting so much importance!

It is quite apparent what role Jia is going to play in the story. Although Maheen claims to hate Waqar but at the same time, she cannot stand it when he is with Jia. Jia’s dialogues showed that she has a one-track mind, when she isn’t talking about Maheen and Waqar’s relationship with each other, she is most often questioning Waqar about their relationship status.

Everyone’s make-up and styling was terrible in tonight’s episode and the bad lighting did not help either. The drama has a very “old” feel to it, which would have been alright if the story or the theme of the play as a whole was meaningful, deep and very touching like the first episode. The overall feel of this part of the story should have been different (more lively) to match the developments we are watching in these episodes. In this day and age when viewers are so used to watching dramas with the best picture quality, for most viewers the overall picture quality of this play would be enough to switch channels.

The dialogues in general, in which everyone refers to Maheen or Waqar as vo ya usay etc are getting repetitive and make it look like none of these people are allowed to call them by their names. There were tons of ” Us se baat krne ja rahi. vo so rahi hai. vo nahi aa rahi kya. vo aa gaya. us ne sorry keh diya.” dialogues in this episode as well. There is nothing odd about such dialogues if all the characters involved know who is the subject of the conversation. The “suspense” in these dialogues isn’t interesting at all, I actually find them funny!

Overall, this was a much better episode which gave me hope that the story might be back on track but the fact is that the overall treatment given to this story isn’t right therefore I doubt that Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai will be the kind of drama most of us were expecting it to be particularly after watching the first episode.

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