Mol – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, this episode of Mol was quite intense & interesting. I have always enjoyed watching Mol for the fact that you always get to understand what is running through a character’s mind, which also means that all the characters have been written with a lot of diligence & intelligence. I must say, the writer here has succeeded in keeping things engaging enough & also the viewers are forced to look forward to every upcoming episode of Mol. By this stage, I am eagerly waiting to find out what the ending of this drama would be, which shows that this drama has been so promising & I am sure everyone who has followed it till this episode would follow it right till the end.

This episode was dedicated to Zareena & her conniving nature. As much as I do understand that being a family means sticking together with each other, I think nowhere does it say that being a family also snatches away the limit of respect & decency one has to extend towards each & every family member. The way Humayun, Hajra, Zareena & Murad discussed Imaan & her medical condition was simply disgusting. They are actually making a mountain out of a molehill because Shehryaar & Imaan are still a young couple. Yes, their concern is realistic & understandable but their solutions & discussions were cringe worthy. The way Murad suggested that he deserves an explanation & conclusive decision from Shehryaar made him stand out like a sore thumb because excuse me uncle, you should be worried about getting your daughter married first without poking your nose into someone else’s business because by the end of the day, what Shehryaar does or goes through shouldn’t concern you at all. I found Zareena & Murad’s involvement in this whole matter quite strange because like I said, there always is some limit & some privacy even amongst the closely knit family members. I really think that Humayun & Hajra are still quite gullible in comparison to Zareena & Murad because they trust their relatives’ way more than they are entitled to & Murad & Zareena aren’t as sincere as Humayun & Hajra take them to be. I also think it was Humayun’s fault to discuss it out in the open about how Shehryaar returned his picture; he really needs some lessons on how to keep some things to himself because by doing that, he welcomes unnecessary & unwanted taunts his way.

The way Zareena blew everything out of proportion was appalling. She has seen Shehryaar’s worst & she also is well aware of the fact that Shehryaar is a very difficult person, so what gives her the guarantee of her daughter’s eternal happiness with a man like him? More than being a mother, Zareena is being her daughter’s enemy where she is not allowing Sajjal to get over Shehryaar easily. I guess, more than Sajjal, Zareena wants to see Sajjal getting married to Shehryaar because he hurt her ego once & she wants to brew a storm in his life until she gets what she wants. To be honest, after Sajjal & Imaan’s conversation, I really believed that Sajjal was wise enough to understand that Shehryaar never belonged to her & also, she did get to know that Imaan also was facing some issues where she felt unwanted in his life, but oh boy, the apple fell from the same tree, that is why Sajjal is still stuck on him & didn’t mind hearing her mother’s suggestion of becoming Shehryaar’s second wife. ‘Hum dono ke raaste aik hi hain’, (followed by that evil smirk) I think by now it would be better for us to give up the hope of seeing Sajjal getting a life because she isn’t working on it & she is incapable of finding one. I really expected Sajjal to be different but then I guess the way ‘dheet-pan’ runs in her family, she couldn’t be any different.

I must say, I really really like Shehryaar’s character. Yes, at first, he might’ve looked a bit different & stubborn but I really respect his character for the fact that he is a man of his word. Yes, all this while, he was doing things in rebellion but he isn’t that irrational to change a course of his life due to his strong urge of rebelling against his whole family & that is why, he makes it very believable that he loves wife but chooses not to say so. The way he is taking a stand for her, the way he is doing all those little things to make her feel better, the way he assures her with his words that not having a baby wouldn’t change anything between them really makes him a good husband & even a better person. I really think Imaan is missing the point here because if her husband believes in giving his wife some space, this shouldn’t be something that she should be shedding a tear upon. I really do feel for her character & for what she is going through, but I also do feel that all the doubts she has about Shehryaar & the strength of their relationship are self-created. Imaan still believes that just because Shehryaar doesn’t want a child, he is perfectly fine with Imaan, which I find quite irrational of her because he agreed to whatever she, & the doctor suggested & that was because he wanted to make Imaan happy.

All of a sudden it looks like Imaan is magnifying every little detail related to Shehryaar & his reactions just to misunderstand him. Imaan has also always done what she deemed fit, like even after knowing that Shehryaar doesn’t want her to mingle with his family, she went ahead with it, even after knowing that he didn’t want her to have a conversation with Sajjal, she gave her the edge, so now when Shehryaar allowed her to spent some time with Shahnaam at his place, why did Imaan feel like Shehryaar should’ve stopped her? What I have always loved about their couple is their deep & mature conversations, so why is it so hard for Imaan to convey her feelings to Shehryaar, because when it comes to dictating who should do what & who likes what, we only get to see Shehryaar talking. I feel the writer should have added a dialogue or two in some conversations where Imaan is seen conveying what she expects from Shehryaar & how she would like to be treated because yes, Shehryaar does not believe in binding his wife but I don’t think he doesn’t believe in listening to his wife as well.

Now coming to the show down between Shehryaar, Humayun & Zareena. I absolutely loved everything Shehryaar said to Humayun & how highly & respectfully he spoke about Imaan. If that is not love, then I don’t understand what love is. I so wish Imaan could hear what Shehryaar had to say because then she would’ve gotten a perfect validation of her relation & Shehryaar’s love that she is longing for. Shehryaar made his point clear about how much he hates his family’s interference in his life but sadly, I wish just like Humayun, Hajra could blame her son once & not hold Imaan responsible for who Shehryaar has become. Unfortunately, Humayun & Zareena succeeded in infiltrating Shehryaar’s mind against Imaan & they managed to plant a seed of doubt in his heart too because the way their voices echoed in his mind was alarming. I really wish they don’t turn Shehryaar into a typical husband who starts doubting his wife because till this point, his character has been very different & decent. I really wish to see Shehryaar backing his words of how much he trusts his wife because now he’s going to face the time when he’ll have to prove it.

Overall, it was a very interesting episode. All the actors have done such an amazing job that they make it seem like a real-life situation. Their reactions, their expressions are totally realistic but yes, the crown goes to Faysal Qureshi & Naveen Waqar. I absolutely love their acting & feel they have given perfect faces to Shehryaar & Imaan’s characters & oh, I must add, I love Naveen Waqar’s dialogue delivery, her voice is very soothing to the ears, I absolutely love the way she speaks. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode. :)

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