Mol – Episode 17

After watching, or I should say, struggling to keep my eyes open throughout the episode, I can’t even think of a tamheedi statement, so I’ll just get straight to the point: how on earth do I watch and discuss and analyze a character that simply needs mental help? I tune in every week, hoping to find something sensible and relate-able about Emaan and her faislay, but sorry, I just don’t get this girl. And I think what makes it worse is the fact that we are supposed to believe that its Emaan and her decisions that make sense whereas Sheheryaar’s decisions are impractical? All of a sudden, it’s Emaan the Dreamer who’s being ‘haqeeqatpasand’? When did dusri shadi become a pragmatic solution to marital problems? A few weeks back, when I was actually enjoying and looking forward to Mol, I remember mentioning how the best thing about Emaan and Sheheryaar is the fact that their problems are very real and 21st century-like. Emaan’s character was anything but typical, but to see her considering dusri shadi to be the only solution to her problems, I just feel disappointed. I wish they realize that when viewers sit down to watch a drama, they like to see something they can identify with. But, tell me, how can I possibly relate to a woman who gives a set of chooriyan to her prospective sautan to thank her? As a female viewer, I find it demeaning the way a girl is perfectly fine with getting married to an already married guy who even rejected her once. And more than that, I find it demeaning how a woman is coercing her husband into dusri shadi.

I felt for Sheheryaar all through the episode. What Sheheryaar valued and wanted all his life was his personal space and freedom, but the fact that someone as unyielding as Sheheryaar is going ahead with dusri shadi against his will just for the sake of Emaan goes to show that she is a lot more than a mere commitment to him. I was shocked to see Emaan calling her relationship with Sheheryaar, ‘maalik naukar ka rishta’ – that’s taking it too far. I think Sheheryaar has always seen her as his equal so this dialogue of hers actually made me cringe.

This episode brings another character into the mix; Rohail’s estranged wife, Sanober (Zainab Qayyum) has finally made an appearance. From what little we have seen, separation didn’t suit Sanober; she is miserable and broke. Sanober is not exactly what you’d call a concerned mother, so her return doesn’t have much to do with Shannaam. Sanober shows up after all these years because she is struggling financially and other than her rich husband, she has no one to look to.

What’s your take on the latest episode of Mol? Are you looking forward to the next episode? Share your views!

Maryam Mehdi


And they are right when they say, 'Writing is a form of therapy'.

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