Mol- Episode 4

This was quite a well put together episode of Mol and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Now with Sheheryaar and Emaan’s marriage, the show has moved to the next phase and I am pleased with the steady progress of the story.

The official meeting between Emaan’s parents and Humayun (pheww I did catch his name this time) was well-directed. I have to say that Nadeem Baig was totally convincing as the uninterested father with I-couldn’t-care-less written all over his face! Emaan’s mother didn’t seem to have much of a problem with the fact that Sheheryaar’s mother didn’t accompany her son on this occasion but I love how Imtiaz Sahab continues to be a voice of reason and his reluctance to say yes to Sheheryaar made perfect sense to me. I think his fears actually subsided when he sensed that Emaan is showing signs of willingness to agree to Sheheryaar’s proposal. The stark contrast between the two fathers could not have been clearer- Imtiaz Sahab is a concerned father who understands his daughters and genuinely cares about what they want whereas Humayun  kept Sheheryaar at an arm’s length and was living  under the delusion that he can dictate Sheheryaar’s life as he wills. Now that his bubble has burst, he has clearly labeled his son as a ‘rebel’- bhaagi hogaya hai woh! 


I am so glad that the whole shaadi scenario was kept engaging and to the point, without any unnecessary or over the top scenes. The way Sheheryaar kept stealing glances at Emaan was nicely done and I also enjoyed watching the traditional chiraagh scene- definitely a far cry from the usual bride and groom entries! Emaan’s state of mind was easy to relate to- she is happy but at the same time, she is apprehensive of what’s next to come and going by the ‘mujhay Hajra Aunty say darr lagraha hai’ comment, I think she has sort of sensed that Sheheryaar’s parents are not too pleased with this marriage. Hajra came across as a softie, or at least that’s how I viewed her but I guess that was my poor judgement and this episode totally changed my perception of her. Her earlier conversations with Sheheryaar hinted that the two share a good relationship and therefore, I was thinking that perhaps she would behave differently than her husband but her attitude today was seriously off-putting! Humayun and Hajra refuse to give Emaan a chance and I already feel for Emaan but I am actually glad that she won’t be staying with her in-laws because they’re certainly not worth it and I am only looking forward to seeing the way they establish Emaan and Sheheryaar’s relationship after marriage.

I have to say that Naveen Waqar looked stunning today and Iqra Aziz also looked beautiful in her mangni ensemble (I hope they tackled the jora issue :P).

And finally, Muraad admitted that Sheheryaar is not so perfect for Sajal after all! This realization came a bit too late but better late than never. And I have one piece of advice for Sajal: girl, get a life!!

So this is it for today. How many of you are watching Mol? What do you think of the latest episode? Share your thoughts with us!

Maryam Mehdi


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