Mor Mahal – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, I am not sure what to say about the latest developments in the story. Things are only focusing on what the ladies of the house are doing & it has been that way since the story has begun. The war between Asif/Taimur & Shujat made things looks promising & gave us a false hope that may be the focus of the story will shift towards something more meaningful but that doesn’t seem to be the case because we’re back to square one & once again, the ladies are setting traps for one another, which seems quite boring to be honest!

Farrukh Zaad was already heartbroken at how Asif Jahan got Taimur arrested, which was enough of a pain for her to deal with but things got even more difficult for her when Badshah Begum & Asif Jahan demanded the keys back from her. Farrukh Zaad actually thought that she will get away after being rude to her husband & after threatening him so disrespectfully but looks like Asif Jahan decided to show Farrukh Zaad her place by telling how she had to respect certain limits or else he would snatch everything away from her. Shahista & Farrukh Zaad had this confidence only because they thought they had a very important card under their belt which was the secret of Meher Bano & Banki, but sadly, they won’t be able to use it as things have started to become difficult for them too & Akhtari has already informed Badshah Begum about what has happened right under her nose.

Badshah Begum had to prove to Farrukh Zaad that she can change the fate of anyone if she wants to, that’s why she wanted to hand over the keys to Meher Bano through Banki. She finally met Banki & that’s when Akhtari grew suspicious of her & not only that, she actually was sure that something was definitely wrong at Banki & Meher Bano’s side. For the first time may be, Akhtari’s farsightedness didn’t disappoint her & she was right in assuming that Banki was expecting a child, which was later proved by what she heard from Meher Bano herself. Meher Bano hasn’t given up on her love Kabeer just yet but she has grown sick of being in an isolation, that’s why she wants Banki to help her out by requesting Asif Jahan to send her maid back home & for that she doesn’t mind taking up a role of being Banki’s maid too.

Akhtari reported the entire situation to Badshah Begum & it was expected that she wouldn’t believe what she’ll hear because no one could’ve imagined that this is the sort of a game that Meher Bano or Banki could play. Looks like Badshah Begum’s wrath will be directed towards Banki more than Meher Bano but I hope after the truth is exposed, Meher Bano stands up for Banki & doesn’t just leave her in the lurch because she is the one who ordered Banki to do what she did as she was helpless.

Looks like Surraya’s case is closed & she has been put to rest, which again seems odd considering how her fate was decided without the knowledge of Asif Jahan & I still find it hard to believe that he hasn’t even spoken about his new born Jamshed’s kidnapping once. Sadly, Mor Mahal’s script isn’t as good as I expected it to be & somehow this drama is turning out to be a joke which once can watch & laugh at as things & the characters are hardly making any sense anymore. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mor Mahal if unfortunately, you’ve watched it!

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