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Mor Mahal – Episode 14! (Last Review)

Ohkay so, Nawab Nosha Asif Jahan ka sabun slow hai kya? Like I have said before, this entire drama is running on the basis of communication gap & the way they have brought the fact that this is the king & his family & the affairs concerning a government, that we are watching, everything that is happening makes it even harder to believe & execution of each & every situation seems like a joke to me!

Asif Jahan ordered Taimur’s arrest only on the bases of rumors that he heard that too even before he inquired what actually happened & what was the reality. Where was the inquiry committee & where were the eye witnesses that could testify against Taimur that he was the one who killed Dilawar Khan? As usual, just because Asif Jahan is impulsive & just because he’s missing a prowess of rational analyzation of a situation, he put his own son behind bars? Quite smart I must say. Later he did realize that he did something wrong & he after realizing that he doesn’t have another son, so because like I said his sabun is slow, he ordered everyone to bring in the eye witnesses to know what actually happened, whereas this was something that he should’ve done before taking the decision of arresting Taimur.

As Asif Jahan tried to dig deep into this affair, he found out that all the ladies of his house had more brains than him & may be that’s why he lost his in the last part of the episode. After meeting Taimur, Asif Jahan got to know about the letter that Badshah Begum wrote to Dilawar ordering him to kill Taimur, which makes me wonder why didn’t Taimur hand this letter over to his father the moment he returned to Mor Mahal after winning a battle? What was he waiting for? I don’t really understand because what Taimur read in that letter was a big deal so why did he take it so lightly & choose to spend so many days in the prison for no good reason? After inquiring from Badshah Begum, Asif Jahan found out that Farrukh Zaad also sent her brother to kill Dilawar Khan & that’s when Asif Jahan lost it. He was so confused & heart-broken that while he was busy being in love with all these ladies, they were back stabbing him hard!

I really am not sure why Asif Jahan hasn’t snapped out of the fact that Dilawar Khan is dead, like what was so special about him that he is ready to put everything, especially his son at stake for just a guy who was his adviser & nothing else? I really believe Asif Jahan’s priorities are not in place because no matter what happens, no one puts anyone ahead of their children at least. The way Asif Jahan is mourning the death of Dilawar Khan shows that deep down he is hurt to see Taimur alive in stead of Dilawar Khan!

After seeing that Asif found out the truth about Farrukh Zaad, Badshah Begum made her move once again & told him to let Shujat succeed him, like does she really think that Asif Jahan is going to listen to her after finding out that she wants her grandson & Asif’s son Taimur killed? I think what Farrukh Zaad told her brother to do is justified because she was protecting her son after finding out that Badshah Begum had ordered Dilawar to kill him, but there’s nothing that can justify what Badshah Begum did & there’s nothing that can justify her evil intentions of having her own grandson killed only because she hates Farrukh Zaad?

Akhtari predicted that Shujat will come into the power & looks like what Akhtari says or does turns out to be true, so I will request the director to let Akhtari go in a trance & tell us the remaining story in one go because she can foresee the future & I can not sit through this drama anymore to see what is yet to come. I am actually disappointed that this drama has turned out to be like this where there’s nothing special about it, where it turned out to be another story which showcases the politics between women & nothing else. I really had high hopes with the character of Asif Jahan because he seemed like a perfect ruler but as the episodes progressed I found out that he was everything but that as in stead of him doing the brainstorming, it was the women of Mor Mahal who were in charge of the situation & were indirectly running the government themselves. I actually missed seeing the ruler’s ministers & I missed seeing huge assemblies where they would be discussing the affairs of the state, they did however show a meeting that Asif Jahan had with the experts who were less in number but were too old to think straight. It looks like Asif Jahan is the only man who is running the government himself which actually again is a delusion as it is not him who was doing all the thinking, it was either Badshah Begum or Wazeer Begum that would do that & IF Asif Jahan planned on taking an action on something, that again turned out to be an idea that was whispered in his ear by another woman named Shahista.

I actually thought that they would take us on a journey through history where they will cover all the aspects of how a government is run by the ruler but ever since the drama has begun, seems like they wanted to show everything but that & sadly, it ended up looking like a saas bahu saga set in a royal setting in an olden era. Also, what happened by the end of this episode is enough to show that the main lead isn’t strong enough whereas I wanted to see a ruthless king who actually ran the affairs & tackled them on his own terms & conditions but seems like Asif Jahan was too engulfed in loving the ladies that he didn’t mind them doing what seemed to be his job!

Well, in this episode, Asif Jahan has lost his marbles & as the preview suggested, he won’t be regaining his senses anytime soon, so what’s the point of watching a drama where the main lead is so so so weak mentally that he couldn’t tackle a high-pressure situation. I think this episode sealed the deal for me & I am done watching this drama. This is going to be the last review of this drama as I am done trying & I am done getting disappointed week after week. I am actually not sure what went wrong at the creative team’s end because this doesn’t come near the work that Surmed Sultan Khoosat has done previously. Even though I haven’t seen Mera Sultan but I have read plenty of comments on the social media where everyone made it obvious that Mor Mahal was an attempt to recreate Mera Sultan but they failed miserably so even though I haven’t watched Mera Sultan, I still say that it was a very weak attempt so, better luck next time guys! However, before concluding the review I will say that Umair Jaswasl has emerged as a promising actor & I think he should consider giving acting career a go & I wish to see him in more dramas in the future. Anyways, please share your final goodbyes at this last review of Mor Mahal!

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

ps: My dear readers who have been reading my reviews from the last few years know that I have endured high-intensity tortures like Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai, Izteraab, Aahista Aahista, Tumhare Siwa & never gave up despite them telling me to but this time around, I don’t think I can waste my time anymore & yes, I’m losing my patience so for that reason quite happily, I declare that I give up!!!

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