Kathputli – Episode 09!

Kathputli – Episode 09!

Ohkay so, surprisingly I am enjoying how the story of this drama is unfolding. I actually thought that it would derail & won’t have much to offer but I am so glad that the writer gave us so many positive & appeasing things through this story. I really really like how Mehru’s character is shaping up to be, which actually is a pleasant surprise because she being someone who never really stepped outside her home has been coping well with the change life offered to her.

The best thing about this entire situation right now is the way Mehru & Ahad are forming a relationship with each other. They both are complete strangers who are forced to share one roof & they both are trying really hard to develop an understanding where this entire progress comes with a lot of arguments, some positive gestures & some heart-to-heart conversations because both Mehru & Ahad know that they have no one else to rely on, so despite having a difference of opinion almost every single time, every single day, they walk past it & try to move forward, which is really good & refreshing to see because we hardly ever come across such characters who believe in dealing with the obstacles with a positive mind-set that too as a team.

Ahad has lived quite a care-free life where he never really took care of his own responsibilities, but now he not only has to fend for himself but he has a wife to take care of too, that is why despite being rational most of the times, he loses the plot & becomes frustrated as he wasn’t used to the idea of having someone around him who actually depended on him. Mehru on the other hand lived such a life where she had to seek permission for every single thing, she lived a life where she wasn’t even allowed to walk freely in her own home because her brothers thought that they were ‘protecting’ her & she was forced to be dependent on her brothers too. Mehru & Ahad have lived completely different lives & they come from completely different backgrounds that is why they both end up arguing with each other because Ahad expects Mehru to listen to him without questioning & Mehru believes in reasoning every single time as she has always felt that people misunderstood her so she wants to put her opinion forward & let Ahad know what is running through her mind.

I really like how the writer has etched out the character of Mehru because she could’ve easily become a ‘bechari’ who felt like a fish out of water after having her life turned upside down but the way Mehru is conducting herself & the way she is coming to terms with her current situation is commendable. I really really like how she never leaves an opportunity to stand for herself & makes sure to let Ahad know that she is opinionated but politely at that. It was good to see Mehru realizing her faults & reflecting on herself, which actually looked like some unnatural phenomenon because we never actually get to see the characters in our dramas doing that, but anyways, I found it admirable that Mehru realized she was becoming bitter whereas she didn’t have the reason to & that is why she ended up apologizing for the way she treated Ahad. Ahad on the other hand ended up hurting her with a derogatory remark about where he met her & he ended up judging her character but he made up for it because he heard what Mehru had to say & she made sure that she got a fair chance to explain herself.

On the other end, Shiraz is getting married & Ehtasham has declared that he has nothing to do with Shiraz & his mother. I think the way Ehtashaam reacts & has become an irrational control freak is also a mistake of his mother Zeenat because in the flashback scene where Mehru recalled what her mother used to say to her, it was made clear that even Zeenat felt that the guys reign supreme & that is why she allowed Ehtasham & Hassam to make decisions of Mehru’s life on her behalf. I believe if it wasn’t for her, her sons might not have turned out to be so rigid & wrongfully staunch because she never took a stand for her daughter & allowed her sons to do what they deemed fit & to be honest, all the things she said about how girls shouldn’t think too much & they should do what the men of the house tell them do made me dislike her thought process a tad bit!

Well, the conversation Saira & Zeenat had about Mehru where Saira ended up telling her to accept everything as a Decree of Allah was written beautifully & it had a positive message because Saira told Zeenat how Allah loves His creation a 70 times more than a mother can love her child. This entire conversation about Allah left me feeling really good & it somehow showcased the mindset of the writer & it left me feeling positive that there are still ‘some’ writers who have their concepts about Allah & His teachings crystal clear, unlike so many other ‘so-called’ writers who find it hard to even use Allah’s name in their dialogues & end up playing with the basic concepts of marriage & divorce set by Allah only for the sake of ratings!

Anyways, Mehru has started depending on Ahad because she spoke to him about how she missed her mother & also Mehru has started to feel that she is getting used to having him around, I just love how she is not afraid to give words to her feelings. Ahad has done a lot such gestures to make her feel comfortable & the way he lashed out on those strangers to protect ‘his wife’ did make Mehru feel that their relationship is getting stronger, may be more than they both acknowledge & realize.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode & I am really glad that the writer & the director have kept the ‘bechari’ factor out of Mehru’s character because the way she stands up for herself is refreshing to see & it is good to have a character who believes in herself & is rightly opinionated. Both Farhan Ahmed Malhi & Sanam Chaudhry have acted really really well & their chemistry as strangers tied together as a couple is quite good too. The preview of the next episode seemed a bit rushed but I am not sure if all that will happen in one episode as last week’s preview showed that Ahad will meet his father in this episode but that didn’t happen. Looks like Ahad will suggest his father to come & live with him in Islamabad which will raise a lot of problems for Mehru as Ahad’s father is a bit unreasonable & hard to deal with, but let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kathputli.

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