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Moray Saiyaan Episode 05 Review – Family Issues!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was on the slower side but it surely was interesting. I like the fact that they have started unfolding some of the pages from the past but I think it’s about time that the character of Kabeer is introduced & the backstory of Zakia’s past is explained because to see her play the victim card every single time is not too appealing!

So, Ghaziyan’s immaturity has already started showing its results. Ghaziyan told Waris that he wasn’t interested in Nimra anymore & like a concerned father, Waris visited Gul Zeb, because he knows that she is the only one who Ghaziyan listens to the most & she is the only one who would be able to stop Ghaziyan from tearing the entire family apart, but before that could’ve happened, Gul Zeb ended up getting hospitalized because all the things that she heard from Waris were a bit too hard for her to handle. Gul Zeb loved Ghaziyan a lot & she would hate to see him getting estranged from his father. Gul Zeb has suffered a lot on her own but when it came to Ghaziyan, she couldn’t tolerate the thought of anything bad happening to him, that is why she took everything to her heart.

Ghaziyan slowly & steadily started realizing that everything was happening because of him but I still don’t really understand his approach. I still feel they should have taken some time in developing everything because to see Ghaziyan from being too concerned & focused about bringing his family together to being concerned only about his marriage with Zubaria by hook or by crook seems a little unconvincing. Also, Zubaria has never said anything to Ghaziyan for him to create a havoc on her name, so not really sure what is it that is forcing him to take such drastic steps? The best thing about the entire chaos is that Zubaria isn’t oblivious of the fact that Nimra & Ghaziyan are engaged, so she wouldn’t easily allow Ghaziyan to turn her into a 2nd woman who wrecked someone’s relation to establish her own!

I absolutely loved Nimra’s take about this entire situation. Even though she is heart broken & even though she loves Ghaziyan a lot, she still is mature enough to understand that Ghaziyan is not into her & he is not interested in getting married to her because he has fallen in love with someone else. Nimra knows that if Ghaziyan will ever agree to get married to her, it would only be because of her mother’s stubbornness & pressures, which she most certainly doesn’t want to see because she knows that if they’d get married under such circumstances, Ghaziyan will never be able to love Nimra the way she’d want him to & also, he’ll lose all the respect he has ever had for her mother Zakia. It was good to see that even though Nimra is madly in love with Ghaziyan & she can not think about living her life without him, she is sane & mature enough to put two & two together, in stead of just pushing herself into Ghaziyan’s life!

As always, Zakia got the opportunity to turn herself into a victim & turn everyone else around her into a culprit. I think it’s about time that the director gives the viewers an insight into what actually happened in the past that made Zakia just so bitter that she can’t stand anyone around her except Waris & Ghaziyan. I think even after finding the entire story, I still won’t be able to develop a liking for a character like Zakia because she is someone who loves to play the victim card & wants to be the center of attention of every single person around her. I think she has spent a lot of time feeding on the bitter memories of the past that she is unable to see how it has been taking a toll on everyone else around her.

I honestly feel if the writer hadn’t shown that Ghaziyan was engaged to Nimra, it wouldn’t have made him look immature & selfish because nothing that he will say or do will justify his decision of leaving Nimra in the lurch because he fell in love with Zubaria without even worrying about what the consequences will be. Just because Ghaziyan saw Zubaria, he completely forgot all about Nimra, his fiancée, so it surely puts him in a bad light. Also, if the writer had shown him as a carefree sort of a guy, it would’ve looked even better because at first, he was shown as someone who was overly concerned about bringing his family together & now, what he is doing is not helping the situation at all.

Overall, this episode was pretty interesting but I really think Kabeer should make an entry in the drama now for us to understand why Zakia is like that because to see her sobbing like a victim doesn’t really sit well with me for now, may be if I get something that’d justify her behavior, then I wouldn’t mind her attitude but for now, she is off-putting. Also, in one of the conversations, Zubaria spoke about the conversation she had with Nimra, but we didn’t see that happening, I think in a drama where there was so much of focus on how complicated these immediate relations were, it was necessary for the director to give these relations & their issues a proper coverage, for the viewers to understand & grasp everything properly. A little attention to detail would’ve sufficed definitely. Anyways, I had a good time watching this episode & definitely looking forward to the next one. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan.

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