Moray Saiyaan Episode 07 Review – Fairly Decent!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was interesting because a new character got introduced but as I watched the episode more & more, a few questions were raised in my mind. Even though I have no complaints with the plot or even the story-line of the drama & I like the way the characters have been elaborated, I think the family politics have been explained in such a way that every once in a while you spot a loophole in the situations or scenarios. So, with that being said, I had a great time watching this episode of Moray Saiyaan too & I can’t wait to see what more do they have in store for us.

I actually thought that after everything that Ghaziyan has said & how he has explained himself, if not Zakia, at least Waris will understand where he was coming from. At least, being a father of Ghaziyan & someone who has firsthand seen how a marriage can fail, he wouldn’t impose this marriage on his son but Waris chose not to budge, because he had Zakia hovering around him as a reminder of how Waris ruined her life & how similarly, his son Ghaziyan was ruining her daughter’s life too. I really think Zakia needs to do some reflection & she needs to look back at all the things that her brother has done for her, how he has given her a comfortable lifestyle, how he supported her children, also, Waris actually chose a good life partner for her & he was just as much oblivious of Kabeer’s first marriage as Zakia herself was, so how can she keep on remininding Waris again & again about the marriage that she chose to walk out from? So what if out of all the things that she has planned & all the people she has controlled, there is one guy who doesn’t want to follow her orders & feels entitled to be choosing his own life partner? Zakia really needs some reflection to do.

All this while, Nimra chose to portray herself as a very strong girl, who to some extent convinced herself that yes, Ghaziyan was not into the idea of getting married to her, but I believe it were the constant reminders of Zakia that pushed her into that phase of depression, where she felt her life was over & if not, she had to do something to get over with this life because Ghaziyan was the only reason of her existence. Nimra not only complicated matters for herself, but she complicated everything related to everyone, because now, things will be even more difficult for Zakia, for Waris & also for Ghaziyan as Zakia will blame Ghaziyan for the step that Nimra has taken, Zakia will also emotionally blackmail her brother Waris & then Waris will tell Ghaziyan to compensate for pushing Nimra to this point!

The addition of Kabeer was interesting & I have no issues with him showing up at this stage of the drama but somehow the writer couldn’t convince me to believe that while Farah; Kabeer’s daughter in law was in contact with Gul Zeb, Kabeer never once asked Farah how his family back home was doing? Also, I am not really sure how’s this possible that Gul Zeb never once tried to ask Farah about Kabeer’s contact number so that she could speak to him & tell him about everything that was happening in Pakistan? Also, when Gul Zeb was hospitalized, they showed that Farah stayed at her place with her to take care of her, so wouldn’t have Farah mentioned that Kabeer was coming to Pakistan? Also, when Kabeer met Ghaziyan & he took him to Gul Zeb’s place, Gul Zeb told them that Farah was at her place for a night stay too, so are you telling me that Altamash, who happens to be quite close to wife Farah, wouldn’t have told her that his father & Farah’s father in law was coming to Pakistan? I don’t know, somehow these little things bothered me a bit & ended up looking like small little loopholes but other than that I am happy with Kabeer’s addition in the show because looks like Zakia will now have something/someone else to obsess over & she will stop pestering Ghaziyan!

Everything that Gul Zeb told to Kabeer seemed like a news for him & he seemed agitated at what was happening in Nimra’s life, but then again, I am not sure if he is entitled to have a say in her personal affairs now because he distanced himself, so how can he boast about the fact that he is her father too? Also, in one of the conversations, it was implied that Anas was in contact with Kabeer, so that once again looked like a loophole to me that being Nimra’s brother, wasn’t he aware of what was happening in her life & how Ghaziyan was backing out from marriage? Like I am sure Zakia would’ve shared this serious issue with her son & as a concerned brother, he must’ve shared his concerns with his father Kabeer too? I don’t know, I feel they should’ve have implied throughout all the previous episodes that Kabeer was somehow in contact with one of them & he was aware of everything that was unfolding in their lives because his obliviousness didn’t make much sense to me. Also, I am not sure what’s the point of keeping Anas out of the picture till now & also, I am not sure if showing Altamash out of Pakistan is making any difference to the story?

Once again, Zubaria put forth her perspective in a stern manner where she clearly told Ghaziyan that he had to & he should get married to Nimra because out of nowhere, Zubaria was turning out to be a culprit without even wanting to be as she is not interested in Ghaziyan to begin with. It was good to see that Zubaria wanted to visit Nimra at the hospital but her friend rightly advised her not to because that would further complicate things & it will once again give Zakia a chance to blame Zubaria for something she is not even responsible for. I am actually quite interested to see that after all that has happened, how will Zubaria fall for Ghaziyan? Like Zubaria has self-respect & she is dignified enough to be drawing a line again & again because she knows that Nimra is getting hurt because Ghaziyan got interested in her & many complications have already emerged in the relationships, so I want to see what will convince Zubaria that Ghaziyan is right & he deserves her support. I am looking forward to see what will Ghaziyan do, as in to what extreme will he go, that will make Zubaria fall in love with him?

Overall, this episode was pretty decent & I had a great time watching it. The preview of the next episode seemed quite promising, looks like things are going to get further complicated because now Kabeer will step into their lives. Zubaria will face the brunt for what Nimra has done & I am sure Ghaziyan will try to rectify the situation. I enjoyed everyone’s performance in this episode & I liked most of the conversations too, especially the ones that happened between Kabeer & Ghaziyan about love & life in general. Can’t wait for the next episode already, please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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