Moray Saiyaan Episode 08 Review – Fairly Decent!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was on the slower side but I had a good time watching it. They have started taking the story forward but somehow being a very simple story & sort of predictable characters, you already know what is going to happen next. I am definitely watching this drama for the characters of Ghaziyan & Zubaria, so I find it appeasing that they get a lot of coverage alone & together in all the episodes.

So, this episode focused more on the pressures that Ghaziyan was facing from all directions. Waris wants Ghaziyan to get married to Nimra. Zakia wants Ghaziyan to get married to Nimra & as if they weren’t enough, Kabeer has also signed up to the same petition in order to prove that he still is a father to Nimra. I don’t know why but I was expecting the dynamics to change once Kabeer’s character will make an appearance but I was actually not too thrilled to see how everything was pretty much the same after his arrival & also how Kabeer was on a trip of his own. Also, none of them seemed to display any emotions of shock or despair after seeing Kabeer in front of them after so many years?

I don’t really understand why every single elder of the family is fixated with getting Ghaziyan married to Nimra. They all have experienced a marriage that has failed on the basis of lies, which was Kabeer lying about the fact that he was unmarried when he got married to Zakia, so I don’t really understand why they can’t foresee how imposing a marriage on Ghaziyan & even Nimra is not a wise decision. It looks more like a game of ego, where none of them wants Ghaziyan to hurt their egos & succumb to the pressures, as it will make them feel secured about the fact that they still are ruling other’s peoples lives because that’s exactly what they all are interested in. Ghaziyan has always been truthful about his feelings & has been honest about the fact that he won’t be able to keep Nimra happy as he is not emotionally involved with her, but no one in his family seems to understand such a basic thing. I think it would’ve been good to see at least one of the elders being supportive of Ghaziyan or at least telling him that they understand his pain, but in stead all of them pretty much had the same dialogue up their sleeve, where they gave him a ‘waasta’ of their ‘izzat’ or ‘rishta’!?!?!

Zakia ended up slapping Zubaria because according to her, putting a blame on others is the easiest thing to do. Zakia blames Zubaria for everything that Nimra has been through, but she doesn’t have the nerve to blame Ghaziyan because she still is in a hope that may be things will get sorted so she can’t afford to turn a blind eye from Ghaziyan as her daughter’s entire life & happiness depends on him. I actually thought that Kabeer, like a mature man that he is will try to have a conversation with Ghaziyan & ask him about everything that he feels but in stead, he chose to put more pressures on Ghaziyan because all of a sudden, after may be a decade or so, he has realized that Nimra’s happiness means everything to him & he has to get her the candy she’s after by hook or by crook!

So, finally, Zubaria has started thinking about Ghaziyan, she has developed some sort of feelings for him but she still hasn’t been able to convince herself to accept his proposal because she can see how messy everything already is. Zubaria knows that crushing people’s lives & forming a relationship by ignoring everything is not worth it. Even though she has grown into the idea of being with Ghaziyan but rather than being emotional, she is being practical & rightly so, as she knows that for the rest of their lives, Zakia & even Nimra will blame Zubaria for snatching Ghaziyan away from them & she can’t accept that as a bargain deal of being with Ghaziyan.

I am not too sure what Ghaziyan is planning because at one hand, he told Zakia that he was ready to get married to Nimra but the very next moment, he went to Zubaria & asked her to stand by his side because he will then be able to protect her? How can Ghaziyan keep on backing out from his promises all the time? How could he easily forget that he just gave his word to Zakia & agreed to get married to Nimra in front of her. I think in stead of lashing out on Zubaria & then begging her to stay by his side, Ghaziyan first needs to sort the entire messy family situation single-handedly before approaching Zubaria because he is disturbing her & it is emotionally upsetting for her too.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent but I am not too sure what I feel about the preview of the next episode. Nimra is going to tell Ghaziyan that she never once expected him to get married to her by leaving Zubaria, but then what was she trying to prove when she tried to commit the suicide? I don’t take Nimra to be so immature to not foresee how everyone will start blaming Ghaziyan for her actions & will then start pressurizing him for swooping in to save the day by getting married to her? Anyways, I had a good time watching this episode & I can’t wait for the day when everyone will curb their egos aside & will tell Ghaziyan to get married to the one he loves. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan.

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