Moray Saiyaan Episode 09 Review – A Feel-Good Drama!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was quite interesting. I like watching Moray Saiyaan for the fact that it is a feel good drama but I wish the focus on the older characters & their miserable lives was a little less because I watch this drama for the young characters & their stories. I think by now a lot has been explained & shown in a lot of detail as to what happened between all of them & why they drifted apart, so may be it’s time to come to a solution to all the issues & show us that at least someone is doing something to bring the entire family closer. To be honest, as much as I like this drama, I don’t see any reason for it to be exceeding the 16th episode mark because there isn’t much to the story, but I know these days it is not possible, which actually makes me a little skeptical about what they have in store for us to keep our interest alive in the show till the end.

So, Ghaziyan was trying hard to move on & he has only accepted everything after getting to know that even Zubaria wants Ghaziyan to get married to Nimra, which actually makes me question Ghaziyan’s stance & his determination. Just because Ghaziyan understood that Zubaria would never get married to him, he easily gave up thinking Nimra was the one he was destined to be with but honestly, it left me wondering where did that Ghaziyan go who was introduced as someone who only listened to his heart & who believed in having things his way. Also, I am not sure why Ghaziyan was blaming Zubaria for his misery because if there’s someone who’s to be blamed it is Ghaziyan himself, because he has not only upset is family members, he has also destroyed Zubaria’s reputation as well. While Ghaziyan is shown to be an intelligent & intuitive sort of a guy, I guess they should’ve also shown that before approaching Zubaria, Ghaziyan ended things with Nimra properly that too in front of his entire family so that none of them blames Zubaria for swaying Ghaziyan & his feelings. I think Ghaziyan should be mature enough to understand that his approach wasn’t right & he tried to go for something on his whim, without even considering what the consequences might be.

As much as I like Nimra, to be honest, I am not understanding her thought process too. Where in front of her mother, she jokes with Ghaziyan as his fiancée, then in privacy, she tells Ghaziyan that she never wanted him to get married to her by leaving Zubaria. Once again, Nimra came across as quite a mature person, so why is it that before cutting her wrist off, she didn’t think things through that this particular move of hers will put Ghaziyan in an awkward position & he will have to succumb to the pressures of each & every single family member. It is actually a little off-putting to see Nimra still trying to push her luck when deep inside she herself isn’t oblivious of the fact that Ghaziyan is not in love with her & most importantly, he is unhappy about the entire situation.

To be honest, as much coverage that all the elders are getting, their equations are getting uninteresting because all of them talk to each other as if they’re playing riddles & no one comes clean in their stance. Gul Zeb seemed completely oblivious of Kabeer & his whereabouts, till the moment he showed at her doorstep, then now she was handing him over the property papers saying that she was taking care of all that stuff for him, in his absence? I don’t really understand if this was the case, then how was Kabeer living his life while being cut off from everybody? One thing that actually shook me & made me detest Zakia’s character a little more was the fact where Kabeer discussed with Gul Zeb that Zakia was suspicious of the relation that Kabeer & Gul Zeb shared, because of which he didn’t divorce Zakia because he knew that if he would, she would find it as a validation of her suspicion that something was definitely happening between Kabeer & Gul Zeb. I think this sheds a light on how sick minded Zakia is, like she is just so bitter that in her bitter pangs, she ends up imagining such weird & bizarre things.

Well, another thing that I found a little odd was Kabeer’s opinion on Zubaria & Ghaziyan’s marriage, that Zubaria’s life will end up getting ruined if she will get married to Ghaziyan, not because of Ghaziyan himself, but because of Zakia because she will be around her? I think this was actually quite immature of Kabeer to say such a thing because why would Ghaziyan & Zubaria stay with Zakia for the rest of their lives? Also, just because Kabeer wants to save Zubaria from Zakia, he wants Ghaziyan to get married to Nimra, despite knowing that Ghaziyan doesn’t love his daughter Nimra & he is in love with Zubaria? I actually think a man of his age, who himself has experienced a dysfunctional marriage, didn’t look wise while saying such things. I find it actually quite amusing that each & every single person knows that Ghaziyan is not in love with Nimra, but they all still want both of them to get married, thinking things will change? Like what guarantee do they have!?!?!?!

Well, another thing that I found odd was that Nimra actually had to go through Ghaziyan’s phone to get Zubaria’s number, whereas they both are first cousins & in one of the previous episodes, Zubaria did suggest that she spoke to Nimra about this entire situation, so I am not sure why was it shown that Nimra had to take a longer route to reach out to Zubaria, like they are cousins so they both should be having each other’s contact numbers, right? Well Kabeer wants Ghaziyan to come to his house to receive his bride Nimra & that is why he put forth that demand but as always, Zakia depended on Waris to do the heavy-lifting & save the day by acting like her lawyer. Honestly speaking, I find it a little off-putting that Waris has no opinion of his own, it’s like he has allowed his beloved sister to wrap him around her little finger & use him like a tissue. Waris only voiced his opinion when he wanted to convince Ghaziyan to get married to Nimra & now when that has happened & Ghaziyan has said yes, Waris is silent?

Overall, this episode was good, I enjoyed watching the scenes of Zubaria & Ghaziyan, especially the one in which Ghaziyan was inquiring about Zubaria & later he was thinking about her, because the song that was used as a background score fitted the situation really well. Another loophole that I found was that Farah & Zubaria spoke about Farah being a gynecologist, so can someone tell me why was she attending Nimra & the cut on her wrist, lol? Anyways, as much as I really like how elegant all the ladies look, I really wish they hadn’t white-washed all the gents because they would’ve looked far more manly & graceful in their actual skin-tone. The acting of all the new comers has improved a lot I must say. Also, the preview of the next episode actually got me excited, because I am sure seeing Ghaziyan staring at Zubaria, Nimra would say no to Nikkah, but it forced me to think that if it wasn’t for Nimra, Ghaziyan would’ve gotten married to her & had lived his life without a purpose & a voice? Hmmmmm, as much as I like Ghaziyan’s character, it somehow puts him in such a light where he looks weak to me because he is coming across as someone who has no voice of his own & without a proper approach, he easily ends up getting pressurized into doing something which he doesn’t want. I think I would’ve liked him a little more if Ghaziyan had stood up for his love & had told everyone that if not Zubaria, he won’t get married to anyone, no matter what they say or what they do, because it wouldn’t have made him look selfish, but at least someone who had a mind, an opinion & a voice of his own & not someone who depended on others mercy. In short, I would’ve liked if they had shown that Ghaziyan had enough wisdom to approach things in a proper & appropriate manner. Anyways, let’s see what’s going to happen next week because I am actually excited for it. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan.

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