Moray Saiyaan Episode 10 Review – Quite Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was definitely good & I had a great time watching it. Finally, things moved forward & brought some very nice changes in the story. I am glad that the youngsters ran the show this time & I’d appreciate if things remain that way. I think the first half of the drama has already been dedicated to the elders & their issues, so now they all need to take a back seat!

Nimra finally had a heart-to-heart conversation with Kabeer, where she told him everything that she has felt all these years. I liked how Nimra got a chance to say everything that she had on her mind & then in the end, Kabeer ended their conversation on a funny note, like it was good to see them both having a father-daughter moment. Once again, a tiny little thing that I picked up which bothered me was Nimra’s mention of the fact that Kabeer took Anas with him & going by how things were rolling, Zakia & even Nimra were in contact with Anas throughout the time he was away, so why was it shown that Kabeer came to Pakistan on his own & met Ghaziyan by chance that too as a stranger? Like are they trying to tell that Anas NEVER mentioned it in front of Zakia or Nimra that Kabeer was going to Pakistan? Then seeing how Zakia & Nimra have always treated Ghaziyan as an integral part of his family, so I am not sure how they all were oblivious of Kabeer & his plans of coming to Pakistan? I somehow am unable to digest the fact that 1 family member i-e Anas seemed to be in contact with his family in Pakistan, so how come no one knew about the 2nd family member i-e Kabeer? No one had an idea about Kabeer; neither Nimra (through Anas) nor Farah (through Altamash), which seems quite odd. I know these things don’t really matter much but since so many episodes were dedicated to this gypsy mysterious uncle named Kabeer, I feel the writer & the director failed to establish solid grounds behind him being MIA. Also, I don’t see any justification for him being out of the picture like he never existed & everyone speaking about him as if he vanished into thin air because quite a few people around him were already linked to the rest of the family members in Pakistan, so I am not sure why everyone in the initial part of the drama made it look like they had ZERO idea of where Kabeer went, especially now when it was suggested that Anas lived with him all these years? LOL!

Anyways, Zakia got a chance to scream her lungs out too but before she could’ve deafened me, I chose to forward her scene because I knew she’d be whining about why Nimra chose to go to Kabeer’s house. Zakia has left that place ages ago & she couldn’t accept the fact that Nimra decided to fulfill Kabeer’s wish. Zakia seriously has some psychological issues because where she wrecked havoc in her husband’s home years ago & she is still doing the same in her brother’s home now. Zakia surely wants everyone wrapped around her little finger & when things go out of her hand, she just can not bring herself to accept it. Finally, Waris decided to have a say on this matter too & I liked the fact that he acknowledged that the dynamics were about to change because the youngsters were going to take charge of everything. Waris knows that Zakia can not impose her wishes on everyone & she can not rule everyone’s life, that is why he could foresee how things were about to change.

Nimra & Zubaria got a chance to have a conversation. I liked the fact that Nimra apologized to Zubaria for the way Zakia misbehaved with her & then she ended up inviting her cousin to her Nikkah ceremony as well. Nimra started to feel that everything was turning out to be wrong & she was committing once mistake after another. Nimra could feel that Ghaziyan was not happy with the decision that the elders made on his behalf & he was just keeping a promise he made, that too halfheartedly. Ghaziyan on his own was suffering but he was keeping everything inside as he knew that no one would listen to him & no one would understand how he was feeling as well. Yes, he chose to share his feelings with Gul Zeb but even he knew that Gul Zeb herself has been a victim of Zakia’s wrongdoings all her life, so even if she wanted to, she couldn’t help him!

Finally, the time arrived when Nimra had to face the reality. At first, I was shocked to see that Zakia chose not to attend her daughter’s Nikkah, but then later I was thankful that she didn’t because Nimra wouldn’t have done what she did. Nimra chose not to get married to Ghaziyan because she could see that his heart wasn’t into this relationship & he lost control of his emotions the moment he saw Zubaria. It was good to see that Nimra had more sense & wisdom in comparison to all the elderlirs of the family combined where they were bent on forming a relationship that wouldn’t have given any happiness to anyone. Everything that Nimra said to her father was nothing but the truth & she made a lot of sense because she knew that Ghaziyan would only get married to her but he’d always be in love with Zubaria. Just a little side note, even though I am glad that Zakia didn’t attend the function, but her protest didn’t seem justified because the ceremony was in any case being held in a function hall & not at Kabeer’s place? LOL! So, for her to attend the function, she’d had to go to the function hall & not to Kabeer’s house, right? Then what was the entire fuss about? *smh*

Overall, this episode was pretty good & everything was done nicely. The pace of the drama has slowed down but it wouldn’t matter much if they’ll keep on moving things forward because a lot of episodes have been dedicated to the family politics & riddles which are hardly making any sense at this stage. I feel as the episodes are progressing, the loopholes of this family drama are becoming more evident. To be honest, I am actually disappointed to see Anas’ character because he has zero contribution in the story & I am sure it will stay like that, similarly, I have lost hope in Altamash’s character too because I am sure his arrival won’t make any difference as well. I am not sure what & why is it that the writer & the director have chosen to keep Altamash locked inside the laptop or a cellphone till the 10th episode lol, let him come outside, I am sure he needs a breather as well! Altamash’s character seems like a purposeless filler because when Kabeer told Nimra that she is the only sister of 2 brothers, I actually started thinking if this was another riddle that we’ll have to solve but then Kabeer took Altamash’s name along with Anas’ & I was like ohhh accha wo bhi hai. Anyways, the preview of the next episode seemed interesting, seems like the rest of the episodes will go by where Nimra will keep on convincing Zakia to accept Zubaria as Ghaziyan’s wife & Ghaziyan will keep on convincing Zubaria to become his wife! Overall, it’s a very decent play to tune to & I have a good time watching it, also why not when the cast is so good, the background score seems to work & the locations are beautiful! :) Please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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