Moray Saiyaan Episode 15 – Just Alright!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was good because the focus was on Ghaziyan & Zubaria, something which should’ve been the case right from the beginning. However, I had my fair share of eye rolling because a few scenes of the other characters were unconvincing & off-putting.

I remember in one of the previous episodes, it was suggested that Anas was living with Kabeer when they both weren’t in Pakistan, but this time around, there was a disconnect in Anas’ tone when he was talking about his father, as if he never lived with him or didn’t know him much. I think in order to stretch & fill the number of episodes, they have relied so much on unnecessary scenes & conversations that all those things are now emerging as loopholes & glaring ones at that.

I know Ghaziyan & Zubaria are married & everything that Ghaziyan did for her was sweet but all this while, I kept on wondering what has gone into Zubaria that she is perfectly alright with the fact that her father & her brother are in the dark & have no idea that she is living on her own in a house gifted by Ghaziyan? Yes, they are married & Ghaziyan can do everything for Zubaria but to live in such a huge house all by herself that too without informing her own family didn’t sit well with me because Zubaria was introduced as someone who was far more conscious of what was right & what her father’s opinion about every little thing would be. Also, when it comes to being a single parent, fathers are always a bit too cautious about their daughters, so I find it amusing that Zubaria’s father is perfectly alright with being oblivious of what his daughter is upto, whereas he should’ve been the one worrying about the stuff like his daughter’s hostel etc.

Anyways, it was nice to see Ghaziyan & Zubaria sharing a few good moments together, where they decorated the house & Ghaziyan was taking care of every thing to make her feel comfortable at her new space. It is good to see that Zubaria has finally opened up & is far more comfortable with Ghaziyan, like now she realizes & acknowledges how much Ghaziyan has done for her & her family, so it is nice to see for a change.

It was amusing seeing such a tough cookie like Jamshed crying like a baby but just when I was assuming that he must’ve had a change of heart, his conversation with his wife took me by surprise because after failing at his business once, he is just using Ghaziyan now as he knows that he is resourceful & well-established. It is alright to think about yourself & your business but the way Jamshed shared his views gave a very negative feeling & made me dislike this couple a little more.

Another filler track in this drama is of Dr. Altamash & Dr. Farah, like I don’t really understand what is it that is stopping both of them from living together? Are they telling us that there is no need for gynecologists in the country where Altamash is a practicing neurosurgeon? LOL! Yes, they both are shown as ambitious doctors but it is hard to understand that after marriage, they both are in a long-distance relationship because of what, them being doctors? LOL! I really think so far both Altamash & Farah’s characters haven’t contributed much in the story, so if they had omitted these characters, it wouldn’t have made any difference like the viewers wouldn’t have felt the need for another dysfunctional couple. After their conversation, I was wondering if there is any relation, any couple, any human being who is normal in this family? I don’t think so!

Anas’ conversation with his mother made a lot of sense, obviously he is sick of seeing his mother sulking & telling others to sulk with her too. I really don’t understand why does Waris has to swoop in every other conversation like he is going to pass a verdict whereas all he does is put a lid on the conversation that is happening as if nothing needs to be addressed & everything in this family is perfectly alright? LOL! Someone needs to burst Waris’s bubble of his family being perfectly functional because it is not & also because it makes him look like a pigeon who shuts its eyes & thinks the danger is over!

Anyways, this episode was still better because it had a lot of Ghaziyan Zubaria scenes. The preview of the next episode suggests that Ghaziyan is going to meet an accident that too after fighting with Zubaria. I really hope the story that I have heard doesn’t turn out to be true because if that’s the case then I will have to see if I’d be interested in tuning to this drama ever again or not. Also, can someone tell Irsa Ghazal to stop yelling? Her voice gets intolerable when she hits the high pitch! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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