Moray Saiyaan Episode 16 Review – Light-hearted Much?

Ohkay so, just when I thought that if Ghaziyan will make it I will continue watching this drama, the preview of the next episode sealed the deal that he is probably going to die so I think after next week I won’t have any reason to tune to this drama because Ghaziyan’s character was the saving grace of Moray Saiyaan & now when he isn’t going to be a part of the journey anymore, then there’s no reason to watch this drama either!

It is amusing that all the things I have said about Zubaria are proving to be right. It is just beyond me that why this young girl is so sad & unhappy when everything in her life is working out. The entire portrayal of Zubaria’s guilt because she & her husband practiced the rights of being legally married was absolutely bizarre like the entire episode was dedicated to her caterwauling & it was annoying. I can’t believe that Zubaria’s character has been reduced to this level where it is hard to even tolerate her. I can’t count how many times I forwarded her scenes because I can’t see another copy of Zakia. For me, Zubaria is another Zakia in the making & I am saying no, thank you!

The only good thing about this episode was that it only had 1 scene of Zakia which I forwarded as well just after I heard Waris & his concerns. It is good that finally he has understood how he is punishing his own son because of his psychotic sister. I think probably for the first time in his life, Waris took a step in the right direction where he gave a verdict that he wouldn’t care anymore if Zakia won’t budge.

It is amusing that this has turned into one such drama where loopholes stand out more than the actual story. Farah & Ghaziyan met an accident & I wonder where was Altamash all this while that he not only took a flight & made it to the hospital just when Ghaziyan got admitted too? I really want to know which Airlines provide such a fast flight to the passengers, it would make travelling a lot easier for me , so if anyone knows please let me know, thanks!

While Zubaria was mourning the happening of such a nominal thing, she finally earned herself a reason to mourn for the rest of her life because Ghaziyan is eventually going to die. I can’t emphasize enough how hard it has become to tolerate a stone-faced girl like Zubaria who despite having alllllllll the reasons to be happy just doesn’t know how to smile!

I think next episode is probably going to be the last episode that I am going to watch of Moray Saiyaan because after Ghaziyan, I ain’t interested in the zulm o sitam that Zubaria will face & the incessant mourning that she will resort to. Zubaria wanted a reason to be unhappy, bitter & sad, she finally got one so I think I am going to leave this drama at that note & once again, I am quite amused that I was personally told by the writer that this drama is going to be a ‘light-hearted entertainment’, seriously, things we’re promised & the things we’re shown! Also, can I just add how cringe-worthy the conversations between Ghaziyan & Zubaria discussing their personal affair were! Anyways, please share your thoughts about the 2nd last episode (for me) of Moray Saiyaan!

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