Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 18 Review – Great Episode

Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai has just aired and it was another one in the series of interesting episodes. Despite two or three substandard episodes , the drama is consistently delivering in the form of story and performances,  which is quite a big deal.

The episode started  with the realisation that Anum  has been treating her stepbrother with care and professionalism.  It was not easy for Iqra, Amber and Naheed to accept and even Naheed  give her a cold shoulder in the start due to her old scars.  However, her trademark wisdom ruled again and she managed to understand Anum’s position like she always does with her daughters. Mariam Ansari was good in that emotional scene but nobody can beat Saima Noor in this play as far as performance and natural acting is concerned.

Sadiq is slowly getting what he deserved in life now that is mentally challenged son is growing older he is posing a whole new set of problems. The dialogues are written very well on this drama and that scene was amazing where everybody was  complaining about their  step relations and how only Aneila is left with real relations in that house. Everybody else has a step relation to one another which is why there is so much friction in the house. Sadiq is very possessive and concerned about his son whom he knows cannot survive without him or Anila’s help. Sajid Hassan is phenomenal in this episode. The way he carries himself and the way he delivers dialogues is superb. There is nobody who can do a role better than Sajid Hassan and Sadiq is no exception. He is brilliant in the play.

There is not much story in the drama but that was evident from its theme. The drama is about human beings and how they react to different situations and how their interests and  selfishness comes in the way of other people’s’ happiness it was not said but the point was made very clear that the father could not recognise his own daughter in front of his eyes whereas he was so concerned about his son. He was willing to spend money and time and energy for him even though he had no future, but  never had an ounce of compassion for his own daughters.

I was expecting that there would be some interaction between Sadiq and his daughters in this episode. However, from the promo it seems that the focus is on how Iqra’s husband  turns out to be. Even in this episode he was a little pushy and sounded too good to be true but I thought that maybe that is nature’s way of rewarding Naheed for the bad males she had in her life but sadly that does not seem to be the case. He seems to be a fraud as is shown in the promo. So the next episode is definitely going to be a very interesting one to to watch.

Stay tuned.

Mehwish Mansoor