How Pakistanis Celebrated Independence Day at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Pakistanis are a patriotic nation; their love for their homeland runs deep in their blood. It doesn’t matter whether a Pakistani resides in his/her homeland or out of country, the love and devotion for the mother land does not lessen one bit. In fact, many say that people start valuing and appreciating their homeland even more when they are away from it following the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder”.. Last year and this year, Burj Khalifa of Dubai was lit up by the colours of Pakistani flag on 14 of August which obviously made the Pakistanis living in Dubai ecstatic and showed their appreciation for their country. But Dubai isn’t the only Arab country where Pakistanis like to display their love for their homeland. Watch the video below to see how Pakistanis celebrated the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan at Abu Dhabi Airport:



Arsala Khalid