How Does Ayeza Khan Look Without Make-up?

Celebrities are known  for their beautiful faces. From what we see in movies, on TV and in the pages of glossy magazines, celebrities are flawless creatures. When you remove their makeup however,  problems might arise. Some of the celebrities aren’t even recognizable once the makeup is washed off their faces. They look vastly different without makeup from when they are walking down the red carpet, with a full face on and the designer dresses making the limelight shine on them. Seeing them grocery shopping out in public like a normal person becomes shocking. However, there are certain celebrities that look just as good without makeup as they do with it. One can say that make up simply enhances their God-gifted beauty. Do you want to know which category Danish Taimoor’s wife, Ayeza Khan falls into? We have the answer for you in the video below:


Arsala Khalid