Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 15 Review – Happy Times

Episode 15 of this drama gave more of an insight into how the characters have developed, rather than moving the story forward. It was still interesting though, and a lot of new things were to to be learnt.

Iqra is more of a homebody girl but Anum and Amber both are career driven and worn hard to achieve their dreams. They have that naughtiness in them while Iqra is very realistically shown quiet and serious, since she was the one who had suffered most with her mother due to being the eldest. Anum got to know in this episode that Dr Jawad was married. She was genuinely surprised and a little upset but he gave her the details after which everything is fine between them but there is certainly more about Jawad that we don’t know yet. We will see how his and Anum’s relationship develop in later episodes.

Amber was wondering whether disabled kids are a punishment from Allah. This is a very sensitive topic and even she herself negated that thought, but she is so desperate to see her father suffer for the atrocities he committed with them, she keeps on thinking of their regarded child was a punishment for their sins.

Saima Noor was again phenomenal in today’s episode. She is so calm, so foucused and so positive that Naheed can give us motherhood golds from her character. She made Amber realise her mistake in such a nice way that it deserved an applause. She treats her girls with respect, care and gives value to them, not now but from the very first day they came into her life. Her dialogues are written and delivered very well.

Anila is confused between her maternal instinct and her loyalty for her husband. Her sons are rude , obnoxious and lazy but one things stood out. Even though they were also kids when all this happened, they are still disgusted by Sadiq’s disowning of his own daughters. He was a weak person morally and ethically and his step sons are exploiting it now. Can’t blame them.

Stay tuned to the next episode where Iqra’s marriage is the question of whether they should invite Sadiq or not.

Mehwish Mansoor

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