Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 19 Review – Unbelievable

This episode was one of the most interesting ones in the drama. This play  constantly delivers in terms of performance and intense entertainment. It was a very happening episode where the unbelievable events were shown very realistically.  Each and every actress excelled in terms of acting and fitting in the character they were playing.

The episode started with Amber and Iqra happily trying to go and find the house that Farhan was going to rent for them. However  things soon took an ugly turn when the sisters realised that they were being used and exploited by Iqra’s husband who had taken advantage of the fact that there were no males in the household. All his concern for trying to be the son of the house was just a charade  that he had played along with his mother and whatever family he had brought to Naheed’s house for running away with all the money and jewellery and everything that he could manage to snatch from them.  It was an extremely sad realisation but everyone was hiding from admitting the fact that they had been robbed so cruelly and so selfishly but Anum being the strongest one ultimately made them face the truth.  Despite all their efforts to find out why Farhan had disappeared all of a sudden, they had in time come to terms with the ugly truth that Iqra’s marriage was just a plot by him for stealing their belongings, including Naheed’s credit card money and Iqra’s jewellery as well as dowry amount.

Well Farhan did seem too good to be true but it could still be thought that the mother and daughters had ultimately found a man whom they would be proud to associate with but sadly this was not the case, not with this man. Shehzad and Naheed’s relationship is shown very realistically. A lot of siblings in Pakistan after their marriages have a similar kind of love hate relationship where they do feel for each other but egos come in the way and stop them from being totally compassionate for their siblings, despite having the pull of blood underneath the false pride and conflicts. Fareeha was also on spot with her acting, a little softer even. She was rubbing their wounds but in the way most well meaning extended relative usually do. Naheed Shabbir is a brilliant actress but the blue lenses seemed totally out of place today. Since there was so much focus on her face today, they glared out every time she was on screen. Saima Noor as also brilliant when she reminded Shehzad that it was him who had refused to go and find out more about Farhan on her request.

Amber was seen pondering over what everyone had said about the fact that they were cheated and robbed because they did not have a man in their house and that women cannot survive alone in this society.  Her determination showed that she was now intent on proving them wrong and that is why she had gone on to get an FIR registered against Farhan and his family. This was a very good move on her part and the promo shows she will have Naheed’s support in pursuing the case and justly so. Why should they suffer quietly because there is no male member in their family.

On the other hand, Anila was very happy to find out what had happened in terms of Iqra’s broken marriage. Sabreen Hisbani did not have much screen time today and she failed to impress in whatever little she had. Sajid Hassan, however was a whole different ball game. This man is a genius when it comes to acting. Without saying a word,  he conveyed the exact emotions of a father who was hurt, devastated and regretful at the unfairness of his firstborn, his eldest daughter’s fate but he had never been much of a father to them, so he does not have the right to grieve about them openly. He was all alone, lost in remorse for a daughter whom he could never give anything but must have had a glimmer of hope somewhere deep down in his heart that life would compensate for her sufferings, which Mehwish Qureshi was brilliant in translating on screen today. She was another character today who again without saying a word depicted the feelings perfectly.  There was no over acting, no loud emotions, just very genuine tears of a middle class girl with a troubled childhood who had just started daring to give dreams a place in her life.

Hats off to the team of director and actors for a fabulous episode today!!

Mehwish Mansoor