Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 19 – Situational Drama!

Ohkay so, another week another situation in Yakeen Ka Safar. I am not really sure what made Farhat Ishtiyaq believe that this story could be turned into a 30 episode drama because apart from a few situations every now & then, there is nothing much that has been happening in this drama. To be honest, ever since I have heard that the writer herself confirmed that Yakeen Ka Safar will have around 30 episodes, it really has taken away my interest from it because the slow pace really sticks out like a sore thumb. If we look at it, this episode was done nicely but did anything special happen in it, no!

So, Kharjista’s character was introduced, a young girl who has become Bahadur Khan’s second wife & is now a victim of domestic violence. I am not sure what to say or feel about her character because for me, this was another situation that was added to showcase the struggles & emotions of doctors & bring in another ‘bechari aurat’ in the story. May be these new characters will have an important role to play in the future or may be this bechari aurat will emerge as a survivor because of Zubiya’s guidance but how are they going to contribute to the actual story for now is not clear. This situation only changed one thing which was, that it forced Dr. Asfand to think outside the box. Just because Zubiya requested him to speak to Bahadur & even though he refused to do that, he couldn’t take it out of his mind. Dr. Asfand knows what he wants like he has had a clear vision so far but for the first time he was forced to think if he was doing enough or if there was more that he could give to those people who came to his hospital, like more than their physical healing, could he help them with mental & emotional healing as well? It was nice that Dr. Shehroz considered Zubiya’s request & spoke to Bahadur Khan. Even though it is a nominal thing but it was quite unconvincing, like everyone knows how strict Dr. Asfand is, so just because a junior doctor told Dr. Shahab to take a leave & rest, he left without even seeking permission from his boss; Dr. Asfand? I don’t know why but looks like these kinds of situations are being created to further showcase how Zubiya ticks Asfand off & how he keeps on getting chances to find faults in her!

Well, one fine night Rehan grew concerned about Zubiya & it took micro second for Sheema to start spewing venom against her. Well, she had a complete information about what Zubiya did & where she was but her claim that she is after another doctor these days was a bit extra. I wish Rehan had showed Sheema her right place ages ago, that would’ve spared him & us Sheema’s misery!

Finally Zubiya found out that her friend Gaiti is related to Asfand & her reaction was pretty realistic. Zubiya has always felt awkward in front of Asfand & she has been trying really hard to prove herself as a doctor in front of him, so she was right in assuming that Dr. Asfand might feel she was trying to score some points by forming personal relations with his family. Gaiti can obviously not understand what Zubiya goes through because she hasn’t seen the way Asfand treats her, that is why she told her to relax & not think too much but Zubiya was right in her stance!

Oh well, to be honest, the preview of the next episode has really put me off, like seriously, Zubiya will be taunted ONCE AGAIN for what she did years & years ago? I find it funny how every other person in this drama is shown to be so badtameez that they gossip about Zubiya right in front of her like for my entire life I knew that gossiping was done behind people’s back but in this drama, they are trying to change the norm & are teaching people that they can be gossip mongers in front of the one they are gossiping about as well. I think they have really really pushed it too far like in stead of ticking viewers off, they are not making ANY point by showing Zubiya’s past being brought in front of her again & again. I know the writer did say that people are unforgiving but isn’t she being unforgiving too, lol seriously! I know may be Asfand will be the only one who wouldn’t judge her after remembering that she was the one whom he rescued ages ago, but wouldn’t it have been so REFRESHING if there was one such person (read female) who had said that may be it was a silly mistake that Zubiya did when she was KID? Like ONE such person who had judged Zubiya based on how she conducts herself NOW in stead of focusing much on what she has done in her PAST? Seriously, they are pushing it too far & it is quite annoying because looks like they have nothing left to show so they keep on digging the old grave? If Zubiya was still in Karachi, surrounded by people who knew her & her family background, it would’ve made sense but to see her past making it to her remote workplace is a bit too much! I find it amusing that in every other place, Zubiya comes across one such ‘pupho’ who not only is interested in her past but miraculously finds out about it, taunts her about it too & then spreads it like a Nutella is spread on a bread! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar!

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