Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 20 Review – Average

So this one today was a very very average kind of an episode. There wasn’t much that happened or much that was exciting. Same old stories and issues were repeated and while this drama gives us something very interesting week after week, this time atleast, it was more of space and time filler than anything else.

The emphasis of this episode was on Amber who has decided to take a stand and drag Iqra’s husband to the courts. Then she convinced Iqra to remember some of their mother’s courage and be brave enough to take a judicial action against all that Farhan did. Saboor Aly is certainly getting better in acting with each episode and despite having the most screen time today, she did quite well.

Iqra and Anum didn’t have much role in today’s story. Iqra has finally found the courage to be able to tell her story everywhere she can turn to find justice for herself. Anum is still confused about her feelings. She confides everything with Dr Jawad and they share a a very good rapport. However, when he proposed her, her tears show that she likes him but the issue of his first wife is haunting her.

In Anila’s house, things aren’t the same. This time Ahsan has reached jail while he was gambling on the streets and Sadiq, despite all his efforts could not bail him out for which Anila is quite angry at him. Maybe it is just the character but Sabreen Hisbani constantly fails to impress as Anila. The way she is playing this role, it could be played by any xyz actress but considering Sabreen, you expect her to put life in her roles like she always does but that is not the case here.

Fareeha and Shehzad and Naheed have the same argument and it ends the same way as well ; Shehzad getting angry at not being listened to and leaving Naheed’s home.

An interesting development was the meeting of Amber and Ahsan in the jail where he is locked up and she has gone for something related to her work but they shared mutual concern for the young kid behind bars, and since they have no way of knowing eachother’s identity till their families get to know about their interaction, it may be too late already. This is one plot worth looking forward to.

Saima Noor and Sajid Hassan again topped everyone else in acting skills with effortless brilliance in their respective characters. Naheed’s dialogue, “humain bhalay kuch na milay, us ko zaroor giraftar hona chaiay” was awesome. Despite earning het livelihood in such dire circumstances all her life, she is still more concerned about honor and respect as she always has been. Sajid Hasan is also phenomenal in his illiterate mannerisms and the resignation of this fact that the boy he always wanted was never meant to be and that is why he has mellowed down so much over the years.

Next episode’s promo showed some very promising plots shaping up. Stay tuned..


Mehwish Mansoor