Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episodes 21&22 Review – Good But Slow

These were much awaited episodes of this play because they were advertised last week too but did not air due to 6th September. The drama has not picked up much pace. The episode was borderline boring because some scenes and dialogues were repeated and exaggerated, and all this could have been wrapped up in one episode as well.

The story these two hours was mostly about Amber and Anum. Iqra has more or less surrendered to her faith and gotten divorce from her husband, which made her sad but she understands well that he did not leave another choice for her. So the situation this time was mainly about other two sisters. Anum is torn between her feelings for Dr Jawad and her principles of not wanting to be a second wife, since there own lives were an example of how second wives ruin the lives of first wife and her kids. I am really looking forward to how this issue wraps up in the drama and how they conclude this element about second marriages. Right now, Amber is coming into the feeling of unhappiness that Dr Jawad is showing by telling her the details of how his first wife is least bothered about him in every way and is only concerned about the facilities that he can provide for her. He is painiting a very ugly picture of her and it remains to be seen if that is true or is it just because he wants to re marry that he is finding faults with his wife. Taifoor Khan is trying his hardest but is failing to ignite any spark in his role. He is doing a strictly okay job, nothing more.

Anum and Ahsan are getting quite close and she is one of the main reasons he wants to turn over a new leaf and improve his life. It is a bit unusual to see a child brought up in such circumstances would be so sensitive and thoughtful about the woman and her kids that his mother can targeted in order to fulfill her selfish desires. Anum was right in pointing him out as a very extraordinary guy. The actor playing the role fits well and is doing a good job for an amateur. Saboor Aly, however is certainly grooming her acting skills with each and every episode. She and Mariam Ansari were very natural in their cat fights today, both of them doing justice to their respective roles perfectly. Saboor was as annoying as she was being shown and Mariam was also good in acting out someone who wants one thing and hates herself for wanting it as well. She was in an ugly state of mind and her expressions and body language all translated that beautifully.

Naheed was her usual brilliant self again. Saima Noor was very good in showing how she can understand what is in her daughters’ heart without many spoken words. She very sensibly understood the subtle signs of likeness Amber is showing towards Dr Jawad and got the meaning behind the fact that she had not told her of Dr Jawad’s first wife.

Anila and her sons are still the same story. Ahmed is still adamant on getting the very girl whose parents refused his proposal many times. He is more like a street thug than anything else. Obaid is also the same and Sadiq is now getting the punishments which he once thought would be the greatest rewards to him.

Stay tuned for the next episode since it seems that finally Naheed and Sadiq will come face to face in it.

Mehwish Mansoor

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