Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 22 Review – Perfect!

Ohkay so, it was yet another amazing episode of Yakeen Ka Safar. Finally it is so good to see the story picking up the momentum after so many weeks. I like the fact that the developments are being made on a smaller scale because by the end of the episode, they add up to a proper change in the scenario, which is an intelligent way of story-telling.

Zubiya has become a friend to everyone, a confidant that everyone feels comfortable around. Zubiya never would’ve thought that a happy-go-lucky Dr. Haroon was carrying such a big sorrow in his heart. It is good that despite being in a small town, Zubiya is getting to meet all sorts of people with all sorts of life experiences as it helps her in broadening her vision & getting to understand life better. At one point Zubiya thought that her life stopped but now when she gets to interact with everyone, she understands that life never stops & everyone gets through the biggest of ordeals. Even though Zubiya is doing really well for herself ever since she has locked her past where it doesn’t harm her anymore but the fact that she still is conscious about her image goes to show that she still feels burdened by it. Anyhow, it is good to see Zubiya at a happy place & being victorious over her past.

Zubiya has finally started to bring the change in Kharjista’s life that she hoped for. Just by treating her mother in law with love & respect, Zubiya has now started to steer her thoughts in Kharjista’s favor because she wants her to realize that Kharjista is not an emotionless puppet, in fact she is a human being with heart & feelings. I loved the scene where Kharjista’s mother in law called Kharjista her ‘beti’, it finally showed that she has accepted her & will now keep the promise she made to Zubiya.

I had a good time watching all the doctors coming together for a meal, obviously when you’re in such an isolated place, you get to hang out with your colleagues too. It was amusing how Dr. Shehroz spoke about the mountains that were moved during their medical camp, even though Asfand didn’t get it but Dr. Shehroz could already see the difference in his attitude & he indirectly hinted that it was because of Dr. Zubiya. At this stage, I am loving the balance they are showing between everyone’s personal & professional life, there’s this harmony in every scenario & it is working really well!

So, Dr. Asfand has finally started to think about Dr. Zubiya, like he has not only eased around her but has begun to pay attention to her too & because of that, he has started to realize that he was actually quite harsh on her. The best part about it is that Zubiya never really consciously made an effort to change Asfand’s opinion about her but just by her demeanour & conduct, she made it happen. Asfand has also seen her treating his family with respect, so it gives him all the more reason to take her seriously & consider her as his potential life partner.

The chemistry between Zubiya & Asfand is undeniable & it has been portrayed so beautifully. Asfand didn’t actually realize that he gave words to his feelings so casually in front of Zubiya & later when he thought about it, he got conscious & that is why he ignored her completely the next day. I found it actually quite interesting how Zubiya felt bad when Asfand ignored her, it was like she did register what Asfand said to her. Usman also thinks Zubiya is the right person for Asfand & that is why he told his wife to contact Mahjabeen. I am sure when Gaiti will find out about it, she will do everything to convince Asfand. I am loving Gaiti & Zubiya’s friendship too, they both have become such good friends in such a short span of time & since it was Zubiya, it made it easier for Gaiti to revisit her past & tell her everything about Daniyal & even Faryal.

I loved watching this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar, it had a perfect blend of emotions which worked beautifully. Everything is being portrayed quite realistically & it is good to see Zubiya’s character shining through especially, she really has come a long way & it is good to see her journey. I enjoyed Rehan & Sheema’s scene for the first time too, even though Rehan isn’t going all out on his wife but his subtle warnings are enough to show that he is on his way to redemption. I am sure it won’t be too long till he finds Zubiya & apologizes for what he has done. Sajal Ali & Ahad Raza Mir are at their best & it is a treat to watch them together. Really looking forward to their love story now & oh just when I was happy & had a smile on my face, seeing Faryal in the preview was enough to wipe that off. I am sure now Asfand will get quite a lot of chances to compare Zubiya & Faryal & that will definitely help him in making up his mind. Mani is a perfect choice for Dr. Haroon’s character & I can’t praise his acting enough & Hira is playing her part really really well too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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