Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episodes 24&25 Review – Power Of Revenge

These two episodes were quite interesting and did not feel unnecessarily dragged at any point. The whole point was to show how Amber is driven by the fire of revenge and how she is willing to move mountains to make sure all those who did wrong by her and her mother are made to suffer as much as these girls did in their childhood. This is a very sensitive issue where you would not be able to discern the difference between right and wrong. On one hand, she is being sneaky and revengeful. On the other hand, she has years and years of lost childhood and happiness robbed from herself and her sisters and they can never be replaced.

Good riddance to Ahmed. After using a few episodes to show that he was no good and has become very stubborn, mean and thoughtless and almost criminal, his story has ended by him being shipped off to Dubai for his uncle.

Obaid and Anila and Sadiq are still struggling in their own dysfunctional little family. The child is related to Anila by blood but he is such hard work and she is a very selfish woman. So Sadiq keeps on worrying and intervening but to no avail. How the cruel and hard hearted Sadiq who was so harsh for his own daughters is such a caring one to his disabled son is beyond me. Maybe it is guilt or maybe he truly is so fond of sons that even a mentally challenged one would do.

Anum is moping after she has made the decision to leave Dr Jawad but like all those who decide to please others, she is very resentful and forlorn at heart and expresses her anger at various points. Most of it is directed at Amber whom she mistook as her enemy in all this.

The essence of the episode was Ahsan and Amber’s relationship. She has spoken at length with her mother and sister she but obviously that was not going to earn her rewards, as Naheed is certainly not going to let her marry someone whose parents disapprove of this union right from the start. Naheed is perfectly talking sense and she is totally correct in her stance, but it did not dampen Amber’s spirits. She has forseen that no matter which way they go, if they involve their parents, it can quite ugly and they would not be allowed to marry. Hence, she acted defiant, partly because she did not want Naheed to be able to stop and because she has made up her mind. It is not a very sensible decision but under Amber’s current frame of mind, it seems like the only good option; that she lets them stay angry and go and marry Ahsan. Only then will Sadiq and Anila get a dose of their own medicine and get to know how oppression feels like. She has proposed to Ahsan to get the nikah done in the court.

We will know in the next episodes what happens to Sadiq when he confronts his own daughter in the house, so stay tuned…