Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 24 Review – Beautiful!

Ohkay so, it was yet another brilliant episode of Yakeen Ka Safar. I loved the way the emotions & feelings were elaborated in this episode & it is amazing it has turned into a lovestory & everything related to two people falling in love is being conveyed so beautifully & convincingly.

This episode focused more on Zubiya & her developing feelings for Asfand. All this while we got to see Asfand & his budding feelings for Zubiya but this was the first time, we got an insight into what Zubiya was going through. Faryal’s arrival has definitely changed the dynamics & everyone around her is affected by her but looks like Faryal is just as thick skinned as she was before. It was so obvious that Faryal came to rekindle her old affair & ignite the flame in Asfand’s heart for her playing the sympathy card but the way Asfand treated her cordially but with a distance showed that he definitely has moved on.

Lubna’s frustration was convincing yet amusing because she could see how Faryal was trying to woo Asfand but I think in the middle of all this, she didn’t see how Asfand was cold towards Faryal even though he was carrying a smile on his face while dealing with her. This was Asfand’s way of showing Faryal that he just wasn’t affected anymore & since he has gracefully moved on & accepted her decision that she made years ago, he was just being nice to her!

I loved how Zubiya was disturbed & clearly struggling to accept the fact that Faryal has come back. The way Zubiya immediately inquired about Faryal being Asfand’s ex showed that she was feeling a little uncomfortable. Zubiya staring at her bandage was another beautiful scene which elaborated that she was kind of missing Asfand & was remembering what he said to her but then her disappointment was visible too where she was wondering if he meant what he said or if he was going to stick by it now that Faryal was back in the picture.

It was good that Faryal not only got a clear message but also found out that Asfand has finally moved on & Zubiya is another reason why he is not too keen on her. Faryal actually thought that by telling Asfand that she never got over him will melt his heart away but she was wrong. The damage has been done & she was the one who instigated it, just how Faryal expected Asfand to get over her, she is expecting that he will take her back but she is mistaken & it is good that Asfand was making it obvious!

The scene which showed how merciless & brutal Bahadur’s Boss was just a hint on what Asfand will be faced with. Bahadur’s tip on Asfand in front of his boss & his boss’s opinion about Asfand showed that they have taken notice of him but where his presence is bothering Bahadur, his boss finds him weak & harmless. I liked how Bahadur’s thought process was shown & how it was different to his boss’s because he is unlettered & usually people like him feel threatened when they see someone a bit well-informed trying to change the ways around him. Even though these characters don’t interest me but I am keen to see how Asfand & their paths will cross, I am sure this is how Daniyal’s story will get a proper closure.

Oh finally, Rehan mai Abbi ki rooh aa hi gai. Sheema has had her time of glory but now even Rehan can see through her & it is good that he has slowly realized how toxic she has been. I wonder what Rehan will do if he will find out that she is the one who sent Zubiya away & has been lying to him all his life. I loved how Sheema’s maid Halima made her realize that she was facing all this because of her own deeds, about time someone said this to her!

Overall, this episode was perfect. I loved all of Asfand & Zubiya’s scenes. It is interesting to see how Asfand has gotten comfortable around Zubiya & keeps on looking for chances to have a conversation with her. Zubiya’s feelings were beautifully portrayed, it was realistic that she was feeling confused but decided to let go of all those thoughts that she had about Asfand because she assumed that he was now going to get back with Faryal. I love the calm feel of this drama, it is very soothing & even the background music adds more feel to it. Definitely looking forward to the next episode & especially interested to see the conversation between Asfand & Zubiya. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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