Mujhe Jeenay Du Episode 13 Review – Purposeless!

Mujhe Jeenay Du was quite impressive for 10 weeks but ever since Saira grew up it is almost as if the drama has lost its purpose completely since the primary objective of this drama was to highlight the issue of child marriage. Saira’s life as a young bride and the problems she faced were highlighted superbly which is why the viewers felt for her every step of the way. However, now Saira’s life as a young woman is like that of any other woman her age and there have been absolutely no scenes which showed how getting married as a child affected her personality. I always appreciated the fact that Naseeb’s character wasn’t one-dimensional but in these two episodes his role in the story isn’t making a lot of sense. Saira’s relationship with Shabo as well doesn’t have the same warmth which it had when these two were children. Both the actors playing these roles now don’t have the same chemistry which the child actors had. Also, their meetings now can easily be termed as an extra marital affair and I am wondering why this particular track has been handled so callously. I remember how a track quite similar to this one was handled in Rehaii in an intelligent manner but that is certainly not the case here. I hate to say this but right now Mujhe Jeenay Du seems like a bad copy of drama serials Sammi and Rehaii.

Saira’s father’s death in tonight’s episode reminded me of how Waqas in drama serial Sammi killed Sammi’s husband-to-be. Muhammadu ran away and as a result no one found out who was responsible for the murder. This particular track got plenty of screen time in this episode and it will probably in some way affect Saira in the long run. Muhammadu continued to pressurize Shaheena to leave Naseeb so that they could get married again. Although Shaheena is insecure and isn’t exactly happy with her marriage but she kept on refusing Muhammadu. After meeting maulvi sahab Naseeb asked Yasmin to help her in order to give Muhammadu the right to meet his daughter. Yasmin’s scene with Shabo in this episode had absolutely no impact and I was wondering why Yasmin was asking Shabo these questions after all these years! I am also wondering why the second marriage was forced into this scenario if it didn’t have a bigger role to play in the story.

Few weeks back I was completely into every single track in the story but gradually I am losing my interest in this drama altogether. Hania Aamir’s performance as well as Saira’s character leave a lot to be desired. This track no longer shows how child marriage affects girls but Saira is being shown as a not so happily married girl who runs to Shabo as an escape. Also, although Shabo and Saira have grown up but there is nothing new or different about their characters or even their interactions with other people. Naseeb was always shown as someone who was different from other men in the village but even then he did marry Saira and he failed to protect her or give her a good life therefore I am wondering why he is off the hook so easily? Isn’t he going to pay for all the mental torture he put Saira through or is he also going to be forgiven once he apologizes to Saira? Right now the story seems purposeless and the new actors have failed to do justice to their characters. It is sad to see a drama which had so much potential going downhill like this. It is almost as if these latest episode have not been written by the same person who wrote the first 10 episodes. I am terribly disappointed with the recent turn of events and have very little hope that this drama will get back on track again.

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Fatima Awan

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