Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Torture # Ikkees!

Finally we’re heading towards the end of the masterpiece known as Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai but I am glad that even by the end of the drama, the director didn’t fail to impress me with the fail of his direction. What shall I say man, I am totally in an awe of how creative a director can be!

Finally Shaiq got heed of the fact that Narmeen was up to some nasty & for that he for the first time thought like a Hero & tried to unlock the mystery but I am impressed with the ghunda who was on the phone, because at first he demanded Rs. 5 lacs & the very next moment he was worried about Narmeen’s depreciating cellular credit, WOW! Do they really make such caring goons these days?

Anyways, Samina Begum has returned & the conversation between her & Shakeel uncle was uh…what’s the word – BORINGGG. But I am amazed at a fact that when Samina Begum suggested that we would now tell Shaiq to go away & settle somewhere else with Narmeen, Shakeel uncle said ‘ye mere liye mushkil hoga’. So what was the speech for in the previous episode where he himself told Shaiq to go away & he refused? I am not sure what’s happening, are they normal or we’re abnormal or vice versa? Phew!

Areeba came back, as if we never knew that she would & even if she had to come back, why did she leave in the first place? Oh now I get it, it was to drag the drama till 20+ episodes. She comes back after listening to her friend’s suicidal speech which made me wonder that why would a girl like to die after she has spent a whole day doing makeup. Her friend looked like she was going for a suicide shopping with a huge bag hanging on her arm & in the meanwhile she stopped by Areeba’s to tell her that I’m off for the suicide adventure so I thought I’d let you know. Marna hai to maro, tayari aur itna rona pitna kyun? Acha, what’s funniest was after Areeba’s friend told her she was going to die & she left, Areeba didn’t even bother stopping her because she was too busy planning her return to Arham’s place. LOL! FAILLLLLL!

Narmeen who spoke to her mother first thing in the morning told her that she was being blackmailed for the amount of 5 lacs. But later when she called her mother again to tell her that Areeba’s back, her mother goes like ‘itni subha kaisay uth gai’ giving us the impression that it was the first call she made to her mother. Editing fail probably. Acha, what Areeba blabbered in front of Arham made so sense at all – jung, waar, mohabbat, yakeen, bla bla & I was like band karo appna ye Radio program. Anyways she goes around saying Narmeen challenged her that Arham won’t come for the breakfast but I am wondering when did it all happen? Narmeen was sulking in her room, Areeba was in her own so when did they both have an encounter in the morning? Plus not to forget the changing kurtas of Areeba didn’t help the situation either. I am amazed at how faarigh this family is, they only bother running towards the breakfast table to thoosofy the food & later they scurry into their rooms, then again they run towards the lunch table & once again back to their rooms then again they come out of their bills for the dinner & go to their rooms, that’s how a day goes like in this house.

Looking at Arham’s formal shoes, I always have a feeling of him being a busiest businessman but he never fails to amaze me that he dresses up in formal dress shirt & shoes to just roam around in the house, to cry at his fullest & to ask his wife for coffee. Acha, Areeba goes like ‘coffee aur pakore tayar hain’ which made me wonder what sort of a combo was that? It sounds like garlic bread & pulao or may be raita & chai? I feel they eat hideously that’s why they sound & act hideously too.

Shaiq is not at all a crack-pot he proved because he cracked a mystery with a help of his employee & ta-da it happens to be their wawela aunty Zainab. Narmeen is glad that she is going to get a perfect surprise for her birthday but a little does she know what surprise would it be. I hope he gifts her with a rat-killer or coopex so that at least we don’t get to hear her yelling once again because by the sight of the next preview I am sure there would be a lot of needless yelling & swearing. But I am hoping this would be the last episode, I hope so!

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