Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Torture Khatammm! :)

Forgive me for I’m confused. I am ecstatic because the drama or rather torture has ended which I had to endure on weekly basis but also I am sad because my Tuesday’s won’t be fun anymore. I am still wondering what was the purpose of this drama but I am hysterically crying because I won’t get to find out as there are no more episodes of this drama left. :(

Arham gugu said that he felt insulted through out, so I want to know if he felt those insults again & again, what was he still doing in that house? Was he only there to shoot his father’s BP high every single time? If he was so much concerned about the misunderstandings, he should’ve worked on undoing things instead of holding his empty head trying to prevent it from bursting like a tyre. Azmaish azmaish, oh bhai kaunsi azmaish? All he had to do was dress up fancily, roam from one room to the other, curse Narmeen & that’s all. He didn’t have to work for anything in his life so if his so-called close knit family burdened him with a little accusation, he should’ve accepted it quietly because without doing anything he was getting fed in that house & also he had a shelter too. Karna karana kuch nahi bas rona tha Arham ne.

I thought Arham was the baddest character of this drama but I am sorry Arham, I am crowning Shakeel uncle with this label. His character was just annoying & that’s all there’s to it. He worried about the upbringing of his children by the end of the drama. He worried about paying some money to shut the ‘massi’ quiet at the end too. He should’ve rectified everything if he was such a Muslim which he claimed to be, but he was just another ordinary human being who only knew how to SPEAK & do nothing.

I just can’t believe all this while I kept on telling Arham to snap out of the past, snap out of it, snap out of it Arhammm pleaseee but now when the drama ended, he was still the same. Same obsessed man who just loved cursing Narmeen 24/7. & he got an obsession partner too & she was Areeba.

Surprisingly when Narmeen & Shaiq were romancing, I was too busy checking the feminine slit on Shaiq’s shirt’s sleeve because in that frame only the slit looked interesting. I wish Shaiq rather Mikaal had gone easy on the blush in that particular scene because blush-on’s are meant to highlight the cheekbones, not the whole cheeks making you look like someone who just got slapped with right hand on the left cheek & with left hand on the right one. Shaiq spoke about a performance & I kept on waiting for it, I think they made us all a Bakra & it was a bait to keep us glued to the drama till it ended.

Well coming to the gunnah part 2 scene, I mean really? Narmeen knew she got a blackmailer’s call & she was right there in the middle of a crowd responding to it? I mean I thought she had a more attention span than a poodle has but she proved me wrong. Shakeel uncle said I’ll come to a certain decision because I’m the eldest amongst all & I was like have you ever taken any decisions before Uncle? Why did he become a self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes suddenly? I wish, I so wish he had concentrated more on his family than dying his beard, so then he wouldn’t have looked so spaced out. Even when Zainab came, all uncle did was some threatening & yelling & Ta-Da, he was done with his quota of ‘geedarh bhabkiyaan’ like every other episode. I wish he had at least done SOMETHING to prove a point for once at least…for once!

I mean it had to be a jaw dropping scene, the climax of the drama but it wasn’t even enough of a yawn-provoker. Sarah tried to reach her head as if there was something more than a bundle of hay there & as if she was the one getting exposed. All Sarah did in this drama was to make it over-the-top as if it wasn’t already. Accha jee, the drama ended & no one even bothered to ask Narmeen that WHY did she do all this? WHY? I think only 1 WHY would’ve sufficed. After all the trauma they’ve put us through, I think we do get a right to question this much?

Well now coming to the bloopers. What a decent way to end a so called serious drama? The way they were giggling in between performances & the way director was holding a gun on the actor’s skulls…it was SELF-EXPLANATORY that why the product was the way we saw it.

Lack of skills, lack of technicality & most importantly – LACK OF SERIOUSNESS was what that made Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai the way it was.

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Zahra Mirza.

BEHANON aur BHAIYON, Finally ye khatam ho hi gayaaaaaaa!!!
*balay o balay, o balay balay balay*


Zahra Mirza

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