Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Torture Number Atharaan!

First of all A SHOUT OUT to me & all the other viewers who survived through 18 episodes of this hideous drama. Masha Allah ME & YOU guys are awesome! ;) I was actually wondering & wanted to figure out the reason why the director wanted to show the flashbacks again & again & Voila, it occured to me that he must be suffering from what Amir Khan suffered in Ghajni & yes you guessed it right, the disease is SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS. Our dear director is a case of Short Term Memory Loss that’s why in order to remember what disaster he stirred, he kept on throwing in the flashbacks because on his own, he’s too weak to keep track of what was happening in his drama.

Areeba has this conversation with her father where he shows the signs of distress about how Areeba will take burden of the responsibilities & all of a sudden he thinks there’s a huge social gap in his family & in Areeba’s in-laws, which made me say that Uncle should’ve had this conversation with Areeba before getting her married to a rich-loon Arham. What was he thinking before Areeba’s wedding that now all of a sudden on a breakfast table he is too worried? By the way which responsibilities was he speaking of? All I know is that Areeba has to walk from one room to the other, pull off a constipated face, bear Arham’s fits & that all there’s to her responsibilities…so what’s the worry about Abba jaan, take a chill pill!

All I saw Shaiq doing in this episode was jumping in & out of the bed, lol. He claims he is too busy, too tired, too bored, too zombie, too dead & yeah, that’s what we all think so too about you now Mikaal Zulfikaar. Phew! Waisay it was the first time that I felt pity for Narmeen, she herself got tangled in such a weird family where one brother was a lunatic & the other was a bored human being. She looked actually really innocent when she smiled at the idea of going out for shopping with Shaiq – even though she had not plucked her eye-brows, she still managed to look happy. Poor soul, iska kya haal bana diya hai zalim sasuraliyon ne, bechari!

Accha, for the first time I understood the changing patterns of Arham’s behaviour which made me deduce the fact that he is suffering from a bipolar disease. He has a personality disorder & I can prove it, just keep on reading through. When Arham’s in front of Areeba, he is just like a bakra who dreads Bari Eid because he is too terrified of being zibbah-o-fied but the moment he is in front of Narmeen, he is just like a wounded lion (read GEEDARH) who just knows how to roar. Such an actor he is & for that I pity Areeba who thinks she has found a SANE husband, aan ann girl, you’re mistakennn. Arham looked like such a foul player that he at first stopped Narmeen & taunted her, later when his father got free after dyeing his beard & confronted this loon, he looked like a masoom baby who just thinks roti is pronounced as chochi. Ahram you better stop playing around otherwise no one will change your pamper, ohkay! Arham said to either his bro or dad that he gets agitated every-time Narmeen taunts him & I was like Gugay ko ghussha a jata haiiii, alay alay alay Alham ko guccha a gayawww, awww!!!

The funniest & faarighest thing to see is Arham & Areeba passing comments & judgements on Narmeen every single time. They speak, talk, breathe, dread, have dreams about Narmeen so yeah she is right in this sense that this family is weird & they portray themselves as sober but in actual they are not. Looks like Arham & Areeba have got nothing to do, seriously NOTHING & for that their laughing, talking & stalking stock is Narmeen, people you guys seriously need to pay a visit to the doctor & then a psychiatrists to bring you out of the sheer fixation of Narmeen.

Aur yeah, everytime we have this commercial break in between, I see a title song with a still of their smiling faces & I curse the time I thought it would be normal drama with some happy faces but they used those deceptive smiles to fool us, but I do have a laugh thinking when was the first & the last time they actually smiled? Never!

Man, are the flaws of this drama ever gonna end?

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: Behanon aur bhaiyon, thora aur intezaar, bas!

Zahra Mirza

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