Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Torture Number Unnees!

So before switching on the typical tone & mean mode of mine I must say that all the comments & remarks I make about this drama DOES NOT intend to show any disrespect towards the actors (except Mikaal), I truly appreciate their acting skills & for this reason you won’t find any comment of mine directed at how they have acted in this serial. My focal point of criticism has been the director, writer & the editing team because they didn’t quite well conceive the idea of this drama & made the actors act. I have never once degraded Ahsan Khan, the main lead of this drama because I myself am a fan of his work & he was one of the reasons I decided to give this drama a go, so having said that I hope that the avid fans of these experienced actors do not think that I have something against them or doubt their acting, I am actually fed up with the CHARACTERS & not the ACTORS, so now I hope my rants come across a bit more clearly & unbiased!

Accha jee, Areeba ma’am who previously saw Arham literally with Narmeen’s dupatta in his hands never judged or doubted him & in fact she was the one who covered for him in front of Shakeel uncle back then but just now when she saw them standing together that too at enough of a distance where humanly it was impossible to hear what they both were talking about, Areeba had a fit of pagal-pan & she packed the suitcase which already had the clothes & despite the fact that she couldn’t really lock it she still managed to leave. According to Areeba what triggered the inner mosquito in her was the idea that Arham had loved Narmeen & still does, I mean c’mon lady, he was once engaged to Narmeen so wasn’t it clear to you that they had loved eachother before? I pitied Arham because I feel he has not at all given any reasons to Areeba to actually doubt him but still like I say she has a tinsy bit of an IQ therefore, she failed to understand her iklota husband. Well Areeba admitted in her weak moments that she FAILED an academic exam so yeah, what can we expect from a below-average student? LOL!

All this while she kept on telling her father that she came to spend time with him but still she was seen running away from him. Areeba’s papa was too busy imitating The Justin Bieber hairstyle that he forgot to check the look in her eyes that she was actually unhappy. I mean in the 19th episode they dared thinking there was a room left for any more unpleasant character where they introduced Areeba’s friend with a dukhi kahani. What new things did she tell or say to Areeba which Areeba couldn’tve found in Akhbar-e-Jahaan’s Teen Aurtain, Teen Kahaniyaan? If she wanted to learn a lesson she could’ve just read any of the stories & got hold of what she had to do in her life, it was as simple as that.

I don’t know why but during the whole episode I kept on giggling & what’s more funny was Shakeel Uncle calling Arham pagal kutta, LOL, I want to know if Arham heard that, what would he say? Awww what an awesome job done by the dialogue writer, hahhaha. Was it just me or actually Shakeel uncle’s phone conversation sounded extermely forced, funny, one-sided & acting-less? He looked just so awkward & totally like someone who was talking to himself & what’s more awkward was his position in which he sat on the bed & spoke on the phone (to himself). Oh Man! Things Arham has done to his family where his brother has become a din ka chimgadarh, his mother ran away & father is talking to himself on the phone.

The whole pattern of the episode was just so different na (coughing sarcasm) where Shaiq passed on a churutti to his dad about Arham, Shakeel uncle gave some not-so-heard-before threats of doing something inhumane but later panted & voila, everything was normal. Accha, while Narmeen, Shaiq & Shakeel Uncle were having a conversation about who must leave & who shouldn’t I kept on wondering about a gazillion sofas in the background, someone forgot to tell them that sofas are meant to be seated on, so why were they standing? I guess the main reason of this drama was to show this museum like mansion & that’s all there’s to it. Those angles & camera work always focus more on the home decor & not on what’s going on inside as a story.

Narmeen once again has every puppet under her control but I am glad that Samina Aunty left, she made weird excuses & left because I am sure the reviews must be haunting her so she decided to part ways with this hideous drama & while watching this episode I did recall a girl named Sarah, I am guessing was she a part of this drama too? Please let me know because I dug up on box of almonds & still am suffering from short term memory loss & for that I give the credit to the so confused director.

I must say that I am going to contact Shaiq to learn the timing he has. He is always there when Narmeen is speaking on the phone suspiciously but then sadly he forgets he has to take some action. At first he does ghaeebat of his wife with Arham & later when Arham taunts & haunts her, he goes around saying wo biwi hai meri as if hum behan samajh rahay thay. Finally Shakeel Uncle came out of his hujra & said he will take action after he finds out what has happened, as if he couldn’t have said all this in around like 8th episode may be? Why put us to such a suffering uncle, humne appka kya bigara hai?

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ps: Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai k ye torture khatam hoga aur zaroor hoga!

Zahra Mirza

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