Mumkin – The End!

Ohkay so, it’s all well when it ends well. This episode marked the ending of the drama Mumkin & to be honest, I really liked the way they wrapped the drama up & it makes me say that Mumkin was a very good drama. It’s that sort of a drama that I would recommend to anyone any time of the day. I myself started watching it when the first 10 episodes had already aired so I didn’t find it slow but when I started following it on weekly basis; I felt that the pace slowed down but overall it has been a very nice, decent & family drama with some very realistic & likeable characters & very good direction. I feel now when it has ended, it can be followed & enjoyed even more because now when somebody would watch it, they wouldn’t have to wait for a weeks’ time & this way may be the slower pace after the first 10 episodes wouldn’t make any difference as they’d have a choice to follow it through or skip a few repetitive parts in between. In my opinion, Mumkin was a great drama which had a very appeasing feel to it & those of you who’re considering giving it a go, you guys must if you want to watch a simple drama with a simple story but very nice execution.

I liked that Muneeb was the one who let the truth out because he has always been quite honest & sincere with everyone. Yes, he did lose the plot in between but it was good to see him coming back to his senses pretty soon & understanding what Hina had to say. Muneeb always was an open minded person that is why may be without knowing the reality; he misunderstood Maira because he thought that she didn’t opt for honesty as he expected only that from her. Later when he learnt the truth that Maira was just as oblivious as he was, it was good to see him subsiding his ego, accepting his mistakes & taking charge of the situation to rectify everything.

Hina takes the crown for being the best character in this lot. She showed how a wise & rational woman can turn even the worst of situations into everyone’s favor. Hina showed how big hearted she was because she not only took care of her husband’s promise, image & word she also dealt with Nageen with a lot of patience just because she believed in letting go of others mistakes. I loved the way Hina was a binding force of both the families because she stepped up when the time was right & took a back seat when she felt there was no use of making an issue out of a certain situation. I loved her character & feel that the writer did the best job by writing Hina’s character, she gave an insight in regards to so many aspects & she surely was a respectable character.

I am glad that both Nageen & Natasha understood what a great person Aziz was that he abandoned his own family for their sake & for the sake of a promise he made to Nageen’s brother. Nageen & Natasha used to be so arrogant because they thought they had everything but when Nageen understood that the one she was holding onto wasn’t hers right from the beginning, she decided to accept everything & forgive Aziz even though he himself was a victim. Even though Nageen & Natasha were the negative Nancies of this drama, they still weren’t completely bad because I always liked the way they respected Aziz & how their whole world revolved around him. They were possessive about Aziz & that is why they would get annoyed if someone tried to get close to him but that also makes their attitude & nature understandable because that’s how they were.

Overall, Mumkin was a very decent family play that I used to enjoy watching after Diyar-e-Dil on Tuesdays, it had a very comforting feel to it even though there was some part of it that revolved around family politics, nothing was done in a bad taste & everything was done realistically. Mehreen’s character was sweet too & so was Maira’s. I loved their bonding but the best one for me was the bonding that both Hina & Maira shared. It was a breath of fresh air seeing a mother & daughter in law duo getting along so well with each other. The direction of the drama & the acting done by all the actors is what I genuinely liked in this drama & oh I must say, the pairing of Junaid Khan & Sara Khan was great & she looked gorgeous throughout the play. Sadia Faisal was very convincing as Natasha & she looked beautiful too. Irsa Ghazal was graceful & she carried herself really well. Each & everyone contributed in making Mumkin a very good drama & all the supporting characters/actors were great too. Please share your thoughts about the journey that ended last night & let me know what did you guys like the most about the drama Mumkin?

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