Munkir Episode 02 Review – Quite Interesting!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking, I liked the second episode of Munkir too. I must say I wasn’t expecting much out of this drama & thought just because it has a different story I am going to give it a go but somehow everything that was portrayed in this episode seemed pretty realistic & believable. They are trying to break some stereotypes while still portraying some of them but I didn’t find any of that odd because this is what actually & usually happens.

So, the episode started with Runa’s mum in law all worried about her because she saw a bad dream about her. Obviously, her intuition is telling her about the trial that her entire family, especially her son is going to go through & this was just the beginning. Even though her daughter’s tried to calm her down but she being a very staunch believer in her beliefs & intuition did feel that something was wrong. On the other hand Runa’s grandmother was also feeling a little anxious because she knows what her granddaughter is upto & this is something that she wasn’t in a favor of but gave in because Rania tried to make her understand Runa’s perspective. Even though the grand mother got a news that Runa & Anjum reached Islamabad safely & just when she & Rania could sigh with relief, they faced another problem & that was a sudden & uninformed visit of Runa’s in laws. It was actually sweet to see Runa’s mum in law being quite concerned about Runa but yes, the conversation Batool had with her mother hinted a little on the fact as to how people who tend to practice religion a little & are settled abroad form some very strong opinions against people living in Pakistan & their lifestyle. I know it might not sit well with a lot of people that they are showing a tiny bit of contradiction that where at one hand Zain’s family consists of practicing Muslims, on the other hand they tend to be a little judgmental too but then again, both these things do exist in the society & it is often seen that those who move outside the Pakistani society then can see some issues from afar & find it hard to relate to them. I won’t say that I agree to the fact that Batool & her mother were being a little judgmental but I won’t also say that everything that they said was completely wrong because yes, they are practicing Muslims so for them a lifestyle different from theirs is a little hard to accept, so they will have some say against or about it. I will say that even though the writer is touching upon these subjects but what I like the most is the fact that he hasn’t over-done anything & that is why what the characters say & do seem quite relocatable & realistic because we do understand their perspective with a lot of clarity & no one is a completely black character for that matter!

So, the visit of Murree was basically a walk down the memory lane for Runa. The things she shared with Anjum & all the tales that she told her shed a light on the fact that she has spent a good chunk of her life in Murree & how she has learnt about life long lessons, good or bad, while she was there. It was good to see Runa getting a chance to visit the place that is so close to her heart but yes once again I will say, the one who put me off big time was Anjum & her rants. It’s friends like Anjum who are also responsible for ruining the lives & the relationships of their friends. Runa seems to be at a happy place in her life where she is ready to get married & get settled with Zain because she is not such a complicated person but Anjum never leaves an opportunity to talk her out of this. It was quite annoying to hear Anjum telling Runa to call this marriage quits that too when she knows that there are just a couple of days left till the big day. I am sure that later when Runa’s life will take a turn & she will face a lot of complications, Anjum will be equally responsible for it because she is already playing a part & is trying to push Runa into a deep pit!

Gulrez’s character got a detailed introduction in this episode. He is a suicide bomber & he was in Murree for a mission because he had to attack someone. At first I thought his target would be Sister Kathryn because the things his boss told him did suggest that he was speaking about someone who he didn’t see in the circle of Islam, also Sister Kathryn belonging to a minority in Pakistan does make her a little vulnerable & prone to hate crime, so anyways, this is what I assumed but it seemed like Gulrez’s target was someone else because he tried to reach the guests who were leaving the college in their cars after the function was over. I am sure they will shed a light on this in the upcoming episodes so we’ll have to wait for that. Anyways, Anjum & Runa ended up distracting Gulrez without having any idea that they saved a few lives & probably their own as well because they were in such a close proximity where the blast would’ve affected them as well. Runa, Gulrez & Anjum’s first interaction was quite interesting like it seemed quite situational & believable as it was done very nicely!

So, Gulrez met his old friend & probably his batch mate in the Madrassa that he was attending in Murree too. Looks like Gulrez ran away from the Madrassa & met those people who believe in terrorism because of their twisted logic & concepts. I will say that hearing the word Madrassa did stir some thoughts in some other tangent but just when Gulrez’s friend got a little coverage, I liked the fact that the writer broke the stereotype by showing such a character who also got his education at a Madrassa but is now leading a very normal & simple life. Usually Madrassa’s are labelled to be the breeding grounds for the terrorists but I liked that the writer showed a very different perspective in order to negate the opinions people do have about such Madrassas by showing a character like Gulrez’s friend. Gulrez might have chosen a very different path in his life but looking at his friend, all I could think of was that it depends on each & every single person; their mentality & mind set as to what they absorb & what their mental capability allows them to understand because where Gulrez has been brain-fed, his friend, who got the basic education from the same institution seems to be leading a very normal life.

Overall, this episode of Munkir definitely exceeded my expectations & I had a great time watching it. It looks like so far the writer has tackled with this subject with a lot of maturity, neutrality & intelligence so I am hoping that it will stay that way in the upcoming episodes too. I liked the fact that they still have kept Gulrez’s character a little mysterious & will then reveal little by little in the episodes to come. I had a good laugh at the idea that Rania came up with in order to save Runa’s reputation, it was quite witty & amusing. It is amazing to see a stepmother like Rania who is more like a friend to Runa & would do anything to protect her. All the actors are performing quite effortlessly & the direction seems pretty decent too. A very small mistake that I found was that Runa while standing outside Cadet College told Anjum that this was her school, whereas after showing that she lived in a hostel & was raised by a nun they should’ve showed a Convent school because Cadet Colleges fall in the authority of defence forces & are not Convents, which usually girls get their education from, in a place like Murree. I know this detail wouldn’t have bothered many viewers but being someone who has spent quite a few years in Murree, I am well aware of how the education system in Murree works. :) Anyways, I am definitely looking forward to the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Munkir!

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