Munkir Episode 12 & 13 Reviews – Cringe-worthy!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Munkir were boring & cringe worthy. All of a sudden the drama has taken the very typical turn where everything in it is about ‘Shaadi’ which didn’t happen after a lot of ‘Barbaadi’. The characters are hardly making any sense & the story is so pathetic that it can make you cringe, even if you ain’t paying attention to it. I watched these two episodes in less than 30 minutes & I am still cringing, so imagine the level of cringing of those who must’ve watched these two episodes from the beginning till end! Did I say these two episodes were cringe-worthy? Like seriously cringe-worthy?

All of a sudden, two grown up individuals Runa & Zain took a role of toddlers because that’s how their family members were treating them. Before this entire Daadi death fiasco, they both were treated as adults who knew the right & wrong & were capable of taking their own decisions but now, looks like their family members have deprived them of their decision making power because they believe they are incapable! The focus of these two episodes was on Zain’s marriage & how his mother & sisters blackmailed him, convinced him, pushed him & forced him to get married. Zain couldn’t keep up so he gave in. There was a lot of usage of taveez, wazaif & what not that made this possible, which left me baffled at the writer’s approach like what was he trying to sell here!?!

Rania is not on talking terms with Runa & I most certainly don’t get why, may be I didn’t pick that detail up because I am mostly forwarding the scenes that bore me, or may be they didn’t bother establishing the grounds for it. Runa was heard saying ‘apne hi ghar mai mujrim ban gai hoon’, which again I didn’t think made any sense because all of a sudden her father has become an overly protective father who is pampering Runa like she is an infant or an underweight newborn, so how has she become a mujrim? I don’t really understand why Jamshed has become this Jala Kata Jamshed who keeps on taunting Rania for behaving like Runa’s step mother, like that’s rich especially when it is coming from a father who had no idea if his only daughter Runa had her Nikkah the other night or not. Not sure what makes Jamshed think that Rania is responsible for everything that Runa is going through because if there was one person who supported Runa & stood by her through thick & thin, it was Rania & I don’t blame her because obviously she feels cheated for what Runa madam put her through!

Where is Gulrez by the way? May be the writer forgot to write some scenes for him or the director forgot to shoot those scenes that had him, like I find it ridiculous that Gulrez was used to call Runa & Zain’s marriage off where he abducted her & after that he is nowhere to be seen. Like this must be the 4th episode where he hasn’t made an appearance, so what was the fuss about & why did he abduct Runa in the first place when he didn’t even confess his love to her or didn’t even explain the reasons behind this move of his?

I find Majid’s character annoying, like even though he makes sense but the way he speaks about Runa as if he has done a thesis on her is so funny. He speaks about Runa as if she is some sweet, innocent Allah Ta’allah ki gaye, who has no idea why she came into this world. Majid keeps on brain-feeding Zain about her & he is making it hard for Zain to move on in his life, whereas when it comes to Runa, for her the entire engagement with Zain is like water under the bridge, that is why in a jiffy she decided to move to London, but Zain on the other hand is sulking really hard! Anjum continues to be annoying too where now she was forcing Runa to get back on talking terms with Zain, like seriously? Can someone please throw her out of my TV?

This drama isn’t making any sense whatsoever, not really sure what the writer was thinking (or not) while writing the script of this drama & what was his purpose behind showing a story like this? The preview made me cringe a bit more because Majid, who hardly has met Runa was now telling Zain that she was waiting for him? How does Majid know all this, like how well does he know Runa to be speaking with so much of surety about her? Please share your thoughts!

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