Munkir Episode 14 & 15 Review – Background Noise!

Ohkay so, I watched the last two episodes of background noise, oh sorry I mean Munkir & once again, they failed to grab my interest. However, I will say that the story made some progress in these two episodes but the pace was so slow that I dozed off in the middle of these episodes but they were still running.

So, Zain finally got engaged to Sonia, his uncle’s friend’s niece, whatever. It was amusing how the writer turned Sonia’s uncle into a negative character just to add more drama, like are there any characters in this drama who don’t have an agenda & are normal? Sonia’s uncle thinks just because Sonia will get married to Zain & move to France, she will process his immigration too, LOL! Another thing that I found amusing was how Sonia’s mother was singing a song about Sonia’s ‘jaagi hui roshan kismat’ & Sonia getting a ‘badla of all her mehroomis’ the moment she heard that Sonia will move to France? Like without even meeting the guy & his family, without even finalizing anything, it was such a cliché that the mother thought France’s visa will guarantee lifelong happiness of her daughter. Anyways, Sonia is another story, she is in love with her class fellow & just because he hasn’t done anything to commit to her, she couldn’t say no to Zain’s rishta because she can not make her mother unhappy, another cliché, where a girl is ready to become a sacrificial lamb that too while having someone else in her heart. Also, when the writer had already written the scenes of Zain & Runa’s reunion, then not sure what was the need to add this track & all these boring characters?

Majid once again opened up his thesis papers on Runa & convinced Zain to do something about it, as a result, Zain agreed to go to Murree with Majid because Anjum told him that Runa was in Murree with Sister Kathryn. Anyways, Runa met Gulrez’s sister too & kept on talking about Gulrez like an idiot while time & again asking Runa about why she was in Murree & not in France? Like Gulrez’s sister was aware of the fact that Runa was engaged & what if she was in Murree with her husband, did it make any sense for her to be talking about Gulrez to Runa? Anyways, why am I expecting basic sense from senseless characters? So, seems like Gulrez’s sister had a lot of sympathy for her baby brother, awww! Nope! Anyways, after hiding in a burrow for like 10 episodes, Gulrez finally came out from the ground to stretch his back & neck & while he was at it, he was seen thinking about Runa while his terrorist friend was brainwashing him against her? I find it amusing how all these terrorist friends of Gulrez actively participate in Gulrez’s half-baked love story & give advice & verdicts, in favor or against it? I am still not sure why did Gulrez abduct Runa on the day of her wedding, when he didn’t even confess his love & later all he had to do was go into deep slumber? Waste!

Zain met Runa & Runa had this sharmeeli si smile on her face, like I find it hard to understand what this girl wants & what she is trying to do? She called her marriage quits for no good reason, got drawn towards Gulrez for no good reason & now when she saw Zain, she smiled as if she was showing her acceptance once again for no reason? All this is very confusing. I found it funny how after travelling so much to meet Runa, Zain was still hich-kichaaing like a bechara, like seriously? What’s with the hesitation now? You traveled all the way to see the girl you love so what’s stopping you now from taking things a step further? Zain is far better but he still reminds me of Harib, like his bechargi, but anyways. Anjum is another piece of crap written by the writer, where she was yapping about how no one will get married to Runa & bla bla, like seriously, who gave her the right to pass verdicts on other’s characters & their destiny? (cue Sahir Lodhi’s voice here).

The preview of the next episode did seem interesting but I am sure, those bits would only make 2 – 3 minutes of the episode whereas the rest of the episode will be filled with never-ending, boring & meaningless conversations. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Munkir!

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