Yeh Raha Dil Episode 15 Review – Characters With Personality!

Ohkay so, yet another interesting episode of Yeh Raha Dil. I love the fact that the writer has given all these characters so much of personality & what’s even more appreciable is the fact that all the characters have stayed true to their personalities till date, like in a lot of dramas we see characters acting completely unlike themselves, that shows the loss of grip in the story from the writer’s end but that is not the case here, which makes it even more easy to understand the characters & relate to what they are going through!

Even though this was for the first time they actually took us in Nida’s past to show what she has been through & this was the first time we got to know why she is behaving a certain way when it comes to Zaki but what is definitely commendable is the fact that despite knowing Nida’s intentions & even before knowing what she has been through, I never saw her as evil. I always knew that Nida has gone through a lot & there’s a reason why she acts this way but to get to see how she was mistreated made me feel for her a lot. Her ex-boyfriend Tabrez obviously was a control freak or may be he was insecure about himself that is why he wanted Nida to abide by his rules to boost his ego, but when that didn’t happen, he took no time in ditching Nida. To see Nida being at her weakest, submissive self in that relationship did solve the entire puzzle where I got to know why she was being this way when it came to Zaki. Even though Nida knows that Zaki is not into this relationship anymore but just because she has suffered a heartbreak that too where the guy rejected her, she is adamant that she is not going to let that happen to herself again. The scene where Nida walked with the ramp with tears on her face showed that her success came with a lot of emotional baggage. Seeing Nida literally begging Tabrez showed another side of her where she was emotionally invested in a relationship quite a lot at that, like it shed a light on the fact that Nida was capable of loving selflessly too but just because of one bad & bitter past experience, she erected her guards in such a way where she has vowed to herself that she would never allow anyone to treat her the way Tabrez did & sadly, Zaki is facing the brunt now.

Hayat seems to be at a happy place & for the first time I saw how Nida’s plan was working. Hayat was counting all her blessings & thinking about how her family members were filling up her life with so much of love & this is exactly what Nida wants. Nida knows that Hayat being an emotional girl that she is, after getting everything in the form of her family would never ever do anything to hurt anyone, especially Nida because she has taken the crown of being the one who brought everyone together, so her plan is working perfectly. Even though the plan is not harming anyone, like Hayat is at a happy place, Nida is feeling secure but yes, the one who is going to suffer rather already is suffering is Zaki.

Well, as expected Azra, since she has always been shown as an emotional woman, couldn’t take Zaki’s no for an answer. Even though I liked how Azra was being considerate of Nida’s feelings, like that is what Haroon has done too but then again, she was literally emotionally blackmailing Zaki into marrying Nida. Yes, Azra did have a valid point that Zaki’s refusal will create a rift between the sisters but then she was still more concerned about Nida in stead of being concerned about Zaki’s feelings.

While watching this episode, I was actually thinking that Zaki should take a stand now because there’s a thin line in being soft-hearted or being a bechara, so I was literally dreading that Zaki might go into the ‘bechara’ lane where he will stay silent wishing for Nida to do the heavy-lifting by backing out & this is something that shouldn’t happen like I don’t want to see. Zaki can stay soft-hearted all that he wants, but he should also take responsibility for his own actions. I was actually dreading that Zaki might turn into another Harib (of Sanam) but fortunately he decided to speak up, first in front of his mother & then in front of Jimmy. At least that’s enough of a first step, yes everyone has told him already about how Nida would feel, that is why he is being a bit cautious & hesitant but then again, it is good to see that he has made up his mind & is now working on fixing things & doing what is right. So, it’s all good.

Overall, this episode was amazing, filled with some very nice moments & some funny ones too. I love the one-liners that Haroon often says like he certainly puts things into perspective, always says what we’re feeling that too in such a way that it strikes the chord. I enjoyed how Haroon was advocating Zaki while still trying to calm Azra down as he knew she was furious. Anum Gohar definitely took the crown in this episode, like I thoroughly enjoyed her performance in all the scenes, especially in the flashback where Nida is pleading her case in front of Tabrez. I haven’t said that before but now that Hayat is under Nida’s supervision, I really wish the stylists show a little change in her dressing & overall styling, yes it does suit her care-free, young teacher, writer sort of a personality but sometimes her dressing is way too quirky. It was good to see Hayat sharing beautiful moments with her family where they were making her feel special, like after living alone for such a long time with a sick mother, Hayat surely deserves this royal treatment. Ahmed Ali & Yumna Zaidi were great in this episode as well. I loved the dialogues & I love how all the situations are unfolding. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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