Munkir Episode 6 & 7 Review – Average!

Ohkay so, the last two episodes of Munkir were a bit better with some unconvincing developments to their credit. I think this is going to be the case with most of the episodes of Munkir where we will see a lot of unconvincing bits because the writer seems to have set his mind to something & now he is doing everything to reach his goal, which is to bring Runa & Gulrez together.

So, Runa left Murree & finally came back to her home, that too when Rania was about to get busted. The relationship that Rania & Runa share is probably the best thing about this drama, because the writer tried to at least show something unconventional & normal through Rania’s character that a step mother can be a friend & a well-wisher as well.

So, Runa’s in laws started feeling something fishy about the entire situation & just when they were already a little suspicious, their worst fears were confirmed by their relative were he told that he spotted Runa in Murree. I must say after Anjum, I find Batool’s character quite annoying too & what’s worst is that all these weird characters get so much of screen-time & dialogues. At first, to be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the fact that the writer showed Runa’s in laws as those kind of practicing Muslims who love to judge others, that is why every time I heard Batool pass generic verdicts about what Pakistani girls can do & what Pakistani girls are capable of, I found it quite distasteful. However, I hate to say this but the way both Runa & Anjum are behaving makes me feel that Batool has a valid point & everything that she says makes sense because it describes girls like Runa & Anjum to perfection.

Even though the writer has tried to use Zain’s family’s religiousness against them by showing them to be quite judgmental & he has tried to make them look the odd ones out here but in my opinion, they are far better than Runa who is coming across as a hypocrite for being in love with someone while getting married to someone else. At this point, it is so obvious that in order to justify Runa’s budding feelings towards Gulrez, the writer is making Zain’s family seem a bit unreasonable & irrational by showing that they are a bit too conservative but then again, it isn’t working because I find their concerns justified at this stage & to some extent their judgments accurate too since Runa is not behaving in such a way that would sit well with anyone even from a non-conservative mindset!

Gulrez showed up at Runa’s doorstep & it wasn’t only Runa or Anjum but seems like even Daadi & Rania were going gaga over Gulrez. This is exactly something that makes it worse that all of them have formed such a high opinion regarding Gulrez whereas they know nothing about him. The one who is worst in this situation is Anjum, who keeps on comparing Zain & Gulrez without even knowing about Gulrez & his background. Looks like Gulrez has come with a mission in his mind again & has only taken Runa’s home as a place for him to stay temporarily but since he loves her, I find it stupid of him to be putting Runa or her entire family into danger since his people would know about Runa & if he will ever run away, they’d make things difficult for Runa’s entire family. Also, Runa’s family knows that Zain’s family is not so broad-minded so to see them giving a place to Gulrez to stay was another unconvincing aspect, like Zain’s family can question them about Gulrez if word will ever spread that Gulrez & Runa were friends, but let’s see!

Overall, these two episodes were decent but a lot of things did seem off-putting. Zain’s character didn’t have much to offer at this stage & I found Anjum quite weird where she was being pally with Zain but on the other hand, she was constantly judging him & was trying to jeopardize Runa & Zain’s marriage. Runa really needs to snap out of the sympathy that she feels for Gulrez & needs to understand for once that sympathy & love are two different things. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Munkir.

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