Muqabil Episode 24 Review – Headed Towards A Happy Ending?

I was expecting this episode of Muqabil to be the last one since it was announced that the previous one was the second last episode and honestly speaking, I did not feel that there was much left to show or discuss but apart from Sara’s track which is terribly forced, everything else about this episode was on point. The writer could have kept the viewer’s guessing how Pareesa and Arman’s track will end without bringing Sara in the picture. Sunbal’s encounter with that man in the graveyard and the way she explained everything to her mother had to be the highlight of this episode. Although she does not hate her father but she understands what Pareesa went through and why Shehnaz took such an extreme step. It is also logical that she wants to remember her father as the person she thought he was as opposed to someone who violated a girl his daughter’s age. This episode also gave hope for a happy ending for Arman and Pareesa as well.

Pareesa’s state of mind was shown brilliantly throughout. Her dialogues in the last scene in particular were very touching. Pareesa is once again lost and this time she is more lost than ever but even then she was shown as someone who is looking for a solution to this situation instead of blaming others. Kubra Khan acted brilliantly once again but her styling and make-up just like every other episode proved to be a major glitch in this entire scenario. Watching her console her brother even at this point and volunteering to leave the house went to show that Pareesa learned to take care of herself and also other people around her a long time back! It was also good to see Shehnaz feeling guilty but it would have been so much better if there was at least one scene in which she talked to Pareesa about this entire situation. She is still distant and like Aftab said she is feeling sorry for herself. I definitely liked Aftab’s approach better. He talked to Pareesa about everything and also tried to make Shehnaz understand that she was not the victim in this situation.

Arman once again was shown confused about the entire situation and it looked like he had given up. The reason for this is that he still loves Pareesa despite of everything that happened, in his heart he knows that Pareesa also loves him. Sara’s character and the role she is playing right now has to be the most annoying part of this track. Arman makes it only too obvious that he is marrying Sara as an escape, not sure from what now since Pareesa is already gone! Sara never loved him but all of a sudden she is so excited about getting married to him although there are other men who would like to marry her. This whole situation is only meant to confuse the viewers about Arman’s state of mind and to make them wonder whether he will marry Sara or not although it is quite apparent that this marriage will not take place. Since Sara and Arman have no “history” and her sudden interest in Arman is rather strange therefore I am guessing that this track was added later on after the drama gained popularity.

Sunbal and Zubeida understood Pareesa’s situation better in this episode but Arman still considers himself a bigger victim than Pareesa. After this episode, there is hope now that he might at some point realize that he can still put the past behind him and live a happy life with Pareesa. It will be difficult for them both but it is a possibility.

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Fatima Awan

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