Muqaddas – Episode 26-27

The story is moving forward slowly, but the thrill is gone. This obviously had to happen, and I terribly miss the intrigue from the previous episodes, but I am glad the the show is not being dragged. I will repeat the fact that the performances are mesmerizing! Noor Hassan especially deserves a round of applause. He nails everyone of Aatir’s expressions, makes us hate this evil character and helps us understand him too. The writer deserves appreciation for writing this complex character well.

The promo tried to deceive the viewers that Aatir would divorce Muqaddas after finding out that she was pregnant but once I heard those three words I knew that it was one of the characters’ bad dream_ and as it turned out, it was. The way Aatir found out about the pregnancy was the tried and tested, eavesdropping, but unlike other dramas, I found it convincing and honestly, it was about time!

This week, we found out what Jehanzeb did to Aatir’s mother, Maryam Ahmed Ali, who is played by the gorgeous Fazila Qazi. A flashback showed young Aatir requesting Maryam to tell him a bedtime story and inquiring about why she was so sad. “Mein ne dekha thha, Jehanzeb uncle aap ko tang kar rahe thhe aur aap ro rahi thheen.” For a kid,  losing his mother is the worst thing ever. Six-year-old Aatir saw his mother being teased by Jehanzeb, then being thrown out of the house because of the same man. She may have committed suicide after that or the depression got to her. Either way, Aatir lost his mother at an age when he needed her the most, because of a man who valued his desire more than someone’s life. Aatir spent a lot of time crafting a plan to destroy that man. What Aatir forgot was, however, that he was doing the same thing Jehanzeb did. In order to achieve his desire, i.e revenge, he was ruining another person’s life_ a girl who had nothing to do with her father’s sins. Fate intervened and he fell in love with his “bait”, otherwise poor Muqaddas would be living with Jehanzeb right now, divorced and carrying a child who would never know who his/her father was.

Jehanzeb and Aatir’s conversations are definitely interesting. The phone call from episode 27 clearly explained us Aatir’s state of mind. Aatir’s concept of love is twisted. All those years of plotting and planning have taken their toll on his brain. He says he loves his wife and would never harm her, but then he threatens Jehanzeb by saying that he would leave Muqaddas or deny the fact that she is carrying his child. I so wish that Muqaddas hears one of those conversations and realizes what a twisted mentality the guy has. She deserves to know the truth. With that said, I don’t feel sorry for Jehanzeb at all. What he did was unforgivable and he deserves punishment for that_ Muqaddas doesn’t.

Kabir and Nida kept fighting and Nida really crossed the line when she openly claimed that Muqaddas and Kabir were having an affair. Kabir is obviously tired of her taunts but the divorce demand clearly caught him off guard. He was very disappointed and it showed that he had no intention of leaving her. I feel sorry for him because he has to deal with such an annoying wife. Nida Zaidi and Furqan Qureshi perform their characters well.

Even though I hate Aatir, I love it when he shuts Ruhi up. Ruhi keeps threatening Muqaddas that she will tell the “truth” to Aatir. I say the same thing every time Ruhi tries to scare Muqaddas,” You know nothing Ruhi!” She thinks she has it all figured out, but I bet she will get the shock of her lifetime when she finds out the truth. Aatir does not doubt Muqaddas’s character, but he is realizing how he put his child’s future at stake. In his subconscious he is regretting his actions. When he visited his mother’s grave and told her that he did it for her, and that Jehanzeb deserved this, he was actually telling himself, “You did nothing wrong.”

At this point, the ending is unclear. I just hope that the ending is justified and satisfactory. This drama is one of its kind and I hope that the ending OR dragging don’t ruin it for us.

What do you guys think of these episodes?

Areeba Mohsen


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