Mushk Episode 11 Story Review – Thrilling & Engaging

Fast-paced, thrilling, and skillfully executed; tonight’s episode of Mushk was a complete package. The writer Imran Ashraf has outdone himself while handling all the tracks by making sure that each one of these tracks is taken forward at the same pace. Aehsun Talish’s skillful direction made tonight’s episode even more thrilling. He kept the suspense alive in every scene and made sure that all the situations were shown convincingly without making them overdramatic. Since Mushk has some of the most heavy-duty dialogues therefore only it was really important that the directors and the actors gave the script the right treatment. Except for Zara Tareen, all the other actors delivered their dialogues effortlessly hence making them effective. Urwa Hocane in particular makes even the most complicated dialogues flow so smoothly because of the way she delivers them. The attention to detail in this episode was quite impressive.

Guddi’s First Triumph

Guddi had done her homework right therefore it did not come as a surprise that she managed to execute her plan. Even though it has been well established by now that Guddi can make the impossible happen once she makes up her mind, even then the way Roshni’s exit from the house was covered kept me intrigued and on the edge right till the end. There was a clear confusion in Roshni’s mind till the last minute. I am sure, I am not the only one who was wondering if Roshni would actually be able to go forward with her plan. Her father’s dialogues were meaningful and just like always Guddi said what was going through the viewer’s mind. At that moment it was highly likely that Roshni could have changed her mind. Guddi made sure that Roshni did not pay heed to what her conscience was telling her.

Mushk Episode 11 Story Review – Thrilling & Engaging


Once Roshni was out of the house and with the love of her life, she was less concerned about what she had left behind and more eager to get away from the situation she was in. Zulekha did not get the time to look for Roshni just yet since she was too busy covering up. The way Guddi celebrated her triumph was also covered intelligently; she recalled all those times when Zulekha has insulted her and was at peace that she had taken her revenge. This was obviously the first step forward! The screenplay was so engaging since there was no way to be sure whether Guddi will succeed or not. Even now, the viewers are left wondering whether Roshni and Saqib will get away with this or not. Sehar Khan translated Roshni’s confusion and fear remarkably well on screen. Urwa Hocane was convincing as usual, she has been performing exceptionally well throughout.

Poor Adam

I felt for Adam more than ever today since finally, we got to hear what is going through his mind. He is trying to make sense of the situation, trying to understand how he ended up being ‘fooled’ like this. Imran Ashraf and Moomal Sheikh’s performances, the camerawork, and the execution of these scenes made the different emotions these characters were going through come alive exceptionally on screen. For a few seconds, it seemed, Adam was actually happy to see Mehak as his bride. While he was trying to rationalize this situation in his own head, Mehak gave him a bitter reality check not knowing what he was going through. Mehak thinks Adam is a long term friend who is helping her out, she has no idea how he feels about her. Also, she is too occupied with her own problems to think about anyone else. Even though she looked and acted the role, her only concern was her child and his father.

Mushk Episode 11 Story Review – Thrilling & Engaging

The question Mehak asked Adam and her concern for her child served as a bitter reality check for a man who probably got disconnected from reality for a few seconds. That is when Adam was reminded of his ‘duty’ as a friend and from there on he was more focused on the ‘task’ he was there to perform! This is obviously just the beginning; Adam will be faced with many more challenges in the upcoming episodes since Mehak is relying on him so much.

Shayan’s Escape

Shayan finally managed to escape with the help of Muqaddar Khan’s wife. This was another important development but I was surprised to see him going to the police because surely Muqaddar Khan exercises enough influence to get a clean chit from the police even after everything he has done. It was however good to see the wife getting back at her husband by helping Shayan escape. So, all along she was comfortable with her daughter getting married to Shayan, this was definitely surprising especially given the fact that she loves her daughter so much. But at the same time, her primary motivation for helping Shayan also happened to be her daughter.

Mushk Episode 11 Story Review – Thrilling & Engaging

Final Remarks

Overall, tonight’s episode had so much going for it and it proved that the story will get more intense and exciting as it progresses forward. I loved the picture quality tonight especially the way the marriage was covered. It seems like Qavi Khan’s character will end up helping Saqib and Roshni for some reason. Zulekha managed to get herself out of a difficult situation with the help of her ‘friend’ but will she be able to figure out who helped Roshni? Will Roshni get married to Saqib and live a happy life? Most importantly, how will Roshni’s move impact Mehak’s life? The dada is already so scared of badnaami, will he push Mehak to marry Adam now that Roshni has eloped? He will entrust Adam with the difficult task of finding Roshni, I am waiting to see how Guddi will react to that since she does not hold back while speaking her mind with Adam. Will the police help Shayan or is this going to be another dead end? A lot of questions and so much to look forward to! I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

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  • Muqaddars wife is comfortable with getting her daughter married to shayan? Really? Maybe I missed something but she said in a previous episode to Muqaddars that Kia is faisle ke raste Mei umer ke farq se mulaqat nahi hui ap ki.
    Is the baby fake or what? It seems they’re carrying a baby doll or something because it doesn’t look like a human face or human body at all. Especially when guddi was swirling it.
    You found Zara tareens dialogue delivery to be poor and urwas better but interestingly I found it to be opposite. Maybe guddis character is over the top or what but I don’t like her dialogue delivery and all the gestures. I liked Zara tareen in this episode. Everything about her. I think guddis character is made to be like that. Whatever but I’m not liking the way she is. Her excessive hand movement and eye rolling plus evil smile… Ergh… Too much for my liking…
    Thanks for the interesting review like always.

    • i only watched the 1st few scenes in episode 1 and they were using a doll then, so i took it that they will be doing so in the following episodes too

  • Excellent review Fatima. I also got mixed signals from the girl’s mother. In the previous episode she was saying something else and in this episode she was disappointed with Shayan for not giving her daughter respect. As if she was waiting for the marriage to be happy ending. Zara Tareen is the only one who at times cannot add right emotions to her dialogues. I never thought that I will like Urwa so much in a role. Your comments about Urwa’s treatment to the character are on point. A lot depends on how dialogues are delivered. Mehak and Adam’s scenes were so amazing. You pointed out rightly that these scenes were sharp colored and they looked like a scene from a movie.

    Oh yes!! So many questions. Loving this drama and your reviews.

  • Chalawa , Qaraar(Sanam Jung,Mikaal) , Beadab(Sania Saeed, Rehan Sheikh) , Mohabbatein Chahatein (Hira Junaid)

    Which Upcoming Drama Will You Review 😜

  • Your review did justice with the script… Every single and minute explanation adds more flavor💕 mushk is the only drama these days that is worth watching… I can’t believe Imran Ashraf has written such a beautiful script ❤️

    • Thank you so much Maham for liking the review and for sharing your views here. I am also enjoying watching Mushk, it has so much going for it. I am glad he decided to come up with something different instead of sticking with the done-to-death scenarios. What I like even more is the fact that even though he is the writer, he did not give his own character a lot of screen time although I would love to see more of Adam.

  • I’m not a big fan of the over shairi-laden dialogues. It seems a bit unrealistic in the same way Khalil ur Rehman Qamars dialogues can be. Good drama overall though

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