Mushk Episode 15 Story Review – Defining ‘Mardangi’

Tonight’s episode of Mushk intelligently showed how women most often end up in the most miserable situations because of the men they trust. It also highlighted that no matter what the consequences trading your self-worth for comfort should never be an option. While there were enough dialogues that highlighted the concept of ‘ghairat’, there were also those which defined ‘mardangi’. It was good to hear someone define a real man for a change since most often in dramas we only hear what a ‘perfect’ woman should be like. All the developments tonight were convincing as usual and some of the dialogues were brilliantly written. Adam and Guddi’s dialogues in particular were on point.

Adam Fails

Although I am rooting for Adam, I am glad that Adam’s heroic attempt was not successful because that would have been somewhat unbelievable. Roshni is not free but at least she is ‘safe’ for now. The way Adam defined ‘mardangi’ was outstanding and from then on the writer went on to show that sometimes women get into the most undesirable of situations because they think men are their saviors. There are many such examples in the drama already and tonight Adam said it out loud while holding the women responsible too where it was needed. These dialogues were the highlight of this latest episode. This development was also used wisely to show Guddi’s concern for Adam. Mehak continues to be selfish since even though she knows Adam could be in trouble, she is still more concerned about her own problems. She is turning out to be a rather ‘strange’ character, sometimes she comes across as manipulative and a little too self-centered.

Mushk Episode 15 Story Review – Defining ‘Mardangi’

When Adam asked that girl to help him untie, I was wondering why he didn’t ask Roshni for that favor. Even though Roshni is innocent but she would have been a better option than a complete stranger. I really hope that the preview of the upcoming episode is misleading and trusting this stranger won’t turn out to be another bad decision. This situation has made the story more interesting in many ways. I am waiting to find out how Adam manages to escape with Roshni, he surely cannot talk his way out of this situation and he has already tried using a gun! I like the fact that while penning down the script Imran Ashraf has kept things real and convincing without going overboard.

Mehak and Guddi

Mehak and Guddi’s conversation tonight coupled with Guddi’s concern for Adam showed a completely different angle of this character. This was the first time that Guddi actually prayed for someone and was genuinely worried for Adam too. Her conversation with Mehak yet again reflected exactly what was going through the viewers’ mind – she wasn’t even bothered about Adam! Mehak isn’t as naïve as she is ‘focused’ on herself. She is so busy thinking about her own problems and it seems like she does not really care about Adam even. Adam is someone who she knows would always be there for her that is why she simply turns to him when she needs him, other than that she feels absolutely nothing for him. Mehak’s scene with dada was definitely not the best one tonight since dada’s dialogues were rather disappointing even though the circumstances have made him bitter. He was introduced as such a positive character but he is turning out to be rather typical. The reason why Mehak decided not to spill the beans was also somewhat predictable.

Mushk Episode 15 Story Review – Defining ‘Mardangi’

Then we have Guddi, who is gradually falling for Adam perhaps because opposites attract! Guddi’s dialogues suggested that she had never met someone who was worthy of her ‘concern’. Even though she keeps on making fun of Adam for being too nice, the fact is that it is this side of his personality that attracted her towards him. It is truly refreshing watching a strong character such as Guddi falling for a man instead of the man falling for her. I always wondered how Guddi will eventually fall in love and I must commend Imran Ashraf for showing this development gradually and convincingly. It remains to be seen if Adam will fall out of love with Mehak and in love with Guddi too. Guddi continued to work actively towards her main goal at the moment while making sure that her tracks are covered.

Shayan’s Track

Shayan’s track is being taken forward gradually as well. We are getting to see his displeasure with the situation, his hopelessness, and most importantly the reasons why he feels he needs to go ahead with this marriage. Muqaddar Khan had the conversation with his daughter tonight as well therefore he should be going ahead with the nikkah soon. That one dialogue regarding the day of judgment summed up the mentality that is behind justifying everything people like Muqaddar Khan do. This particular track is just as unpredictable as Adam and Guddi’s track at the moment.

Mushk Episode 15 Story Review – Defining ‘Mardangi’

Final Remarks

Mushk continues to be interesting and engaging with a refreshing storyline which is also meaningful. The performances have been brilliant throughout too. Sami Khan, the child actor, deserves a special mention here for standing out in every scene. Imran Ashraf has definitely given this drama his best and Urwa Hocane owns her character right from the beginning. Tonight’s episode had some of the best dialogues. The only scene which did not work for me was the conversation Mehak had with dada. The preview of the next episode was enticing! Just like all the other episodes of Mushk, this one too gave me so much to look forward to.

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Fatima Awan

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  • I miss your reviews. I started watching this drama because you are reviewing it & it has been a delight otherwise I would have missed out on quality entertainment. Mushk gives me Alif Allah vibes before it was destroyed because of dragging. I did not think of this episode from the angle you reviewed it, loved your take & insights. I visit reviewit for these insightful reviews. Please review Imran Ashraf’s next drama raqs e bismil. Thank you

  • Hi fatima mam how are you
    In this drama imran ashraf
    used high dialogues even in every scenes which makes it too overrated.In this drama every one is philosopher in their own wolrd.
    Fatima mam dunk aur raqse bismil bi anay wala hai dunk ka promo coming week release hoga ap dunk aur raqse bismil main konsa review karegi?

    • Mushk has very heavy dialogues which sound unreal..why did Adam go alone with a gun? He has the resources to trace this woman then he could have guards too. Dada’s dialogues were so off..why did he not have a heart attack when his son was molesting girls

  • I am waiting for Guddi to read the letter so she will get to know the truth and I´m predicting that Guddi will rescue Adam and Roshni as she´s the reason why she got in trouble! I think their track will begin from there.

  • I think Guddi is going to be the one who will rescue Adam and Roshni. She might get in touch with Saqib to find out where they are, as she seems to be taking interest in Adam now. Her gradual and subtle inclination towards Adam is being brilliantly covered. I must say Urwa and Imran himself deliver the dialogues in the best way possible, for everyone else, it is a hit and miss situation. In this episode, the dialogues that Ruby aunty delivered, while at gun point’ were a bit too lengthy for the situation and also not delivered well.

    I wonder why Shayan is not able to do anything at all. Does he not have Mehak’s contact number or any friends at all who can help him get in touch with someone, or atleast help him in some way. I understand the situation with his sister and the influence that Muqaddar Khan has, but still his helpless situation is a bit strange for me. May be they should show him atleast making some attempts to do something. Also, Mehak’s constant crying is getting a bit strange. If she has some proof of her wedding, she should have just told dada about her situation.

    Looking forward to Adam and Guddi’s track more than anything else. Imran Ashraf has done a very good job as a writer to make the story interesting at every point, that keeps the viewers guessing about what turn it is going to take next.

  • trust Mehek to think that now is the right time to tell the truth when her dada is not in the best of health, does she want to finish dada off or something?